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Simon Belmont (シモン・ベルモンド Shimon Berumondo?, Simon Belmondo) is the protagonist of Super Castlevania IV. He is a descendant of the Belmont family of vampire hunters, who are renowned for being locked within a conflict with Dracula for centuries. According to legend, once every hundred years, there's a time when the power of good is weakened, and the corrupted minds of men pray for the resurrection of Dracula. The Belmonts had always defeated Dracula in death duels, banishing him from the living world for another hundred years. However, with each resurrection, Dracula's power keeps growing. One day, the village was shrouded by a dark thunderstorm and a straight stroke of lightning quickly silenced the town. In that very instance, the dark powers have brought back Dracula and along with him, a powerful demon army. Simon armed himself with the whip containing mysterious powers inherited from his ancestors, set out to the demon castle and managed to subdue Dracula.[2]


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