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Simon Belmont is the protagonist of Vampire Killer. He's a descendant of the legendary hero Christopher. According to legend, once every hundred years, a group of evil men are said to conduct a black mass during each century to resurrect the Demon King Count Dracula. Exactly a hundred years had passed since Dracula was last sealed away by Christopher. On an Easter night, ominous clouds covered the sky when a thunderstorm tore into the darkness, evil had returned. The city has been demolished by evil spirits and pagans. To solve this crisis, Simon took his father's enchanted whip and headed to the castle haunted by the evil spirits. In the end, Simon managed to put Dracula to sleep once again and the town restored its peace.[1]


  • Vampire Killer is considered to be set in an alternate continuity by IGA.[2]

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  2. IGA: FC版とX68000版ですが、X68000版はFC版をベースにアレンジを加えたものになっています。ゲームのアレンジは、その時に応じて、色々と施されるものですので、正直どちらも正統であると思ってよいのではないかと思っています。結論として、ドラキュラと戦い勝つというシナリオで、中間部分の切り抜きが違うと考えてもよいのではないかと考えています。スーパーファミコン版も違いますし…。どうしてもと考えるのであれば、FC版を尊重すべきかと考えます。 Translation: "Regarding the Famicom version and the X68000 version, the X68000 version is an arrangement based on the Famicom version. The arrangement of a game is the kind of thing where you add a lot of different things as needed, so honestly speaking, it think they both should be considered legitimate. In conclusion, I think they should be considered as the same scenario of fighting to defeat Dracula, just with a different middle part. The Super Famicom version is different as well... If you simply must have a clear answer, the Famicom version must be given deference."
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