Sir Walter deGrey is a miniboss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. He is one of three mechanical puppets operated by the Toy Maker after he has engaged Dracula in battle. It is the first enemy fought during the boss fight, before the dragon puppet Sauraganthorix.

As Dracula and the knight fight, the Toy Maker tells the story behind the puppet.


Toy Knight
The valiant Sir Walter deGrey brandished his infallible spear, ready to defeat the sinister invader who threatened the kingdom. The memory of his beloved Brunhilda filled the knight's arm with strength. Sir Walter's skill was legendary throughout the kingdom. Take that, scoundrel!"
Toy Maker


Sir Walter deGrey possesses a portly upper body with somewhat short legs. The armor that makes up the puppet's body is a traditional plate armor design with French aesthetics colored largely purple with golden ornate. Its pauldrons, however, seem closer to the design of maximillian armor or Henry VIII's greenwich armor.



  • Sir Walter deGrey is most likely based on Walter de Gray, a 13th Century Archbishop of York.


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