The Skelerang, also known as Skeleton Boomerang, is an enemy in the Castlevania series. It is a skeletons that expertly hurls boomerangs.


Skelerangs are stationary skeletons that attack from a distance by throwing two boomerangs, one from each hand. These boomerangs are fast, can pass through floors and walls, and can be difficult to avoid in areas with limited maneuverability. They sometimes can deal a good amount of damage. In some games, the boomerangs cannot be destroyed by attacking them, but may be destroyed by killing the actual skeleton that threw them.

The skeletons have no close range attack and cannot move, so when the player stands directly in front of them, they will crouch and cower in fear.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Skelerang
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Skelerang-1-.gif 16. Skelerang  (Boomerang Skeleton) [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Boomerang wielding skeleton. Weak: Holy
Level: 5
HP: 18
Exp: 15
Drop: Boomerang, Fire Boomerang
Marble Gallery, Olrox's Quarters, Royal Chapel
Castlevania CotM enemy-Skeleton Boomerang.gif Skeleton Boomerang (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon
' Strong: Wind
HP: 60
Exp: 112
Atk: 170
Def: 90
Common Drop: Miracle Armband (4.2%)
Rare Drop: Stylish Suit (1%)
Machine Tower, Eternal Corridor
Skelerang.gif 46. Skelerang (Boomerang Skeleton) [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow
A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs. Strong: Piercing, Dark
Weak: Bashing, Fire, Holy
HP: 32
MP: 1
Exp: 50
Atk: 29
Timestop: Affected
Common Drop: Boomerang (8%)
Soul: Rapid Fire Shots (12%)
The Lost Village, Garden of Madness, Demon Guest House, Silenced Ruins
Skelerang.gif 58. Skelerang (Boomerang Skeleton) [ edit ]
Portrait of Ruin
A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs. Strong: Dark
Weak: Strike, Whip, Fire, Holy
HP: 81
Exp: 77
Skill Pt: 2
Drop: Boomerang
Great Stairway, Forest of Doom
Skelerang  [ edit ]
Encore of the Night
''Abil: ???
HP: 100
Exp: ~110
Drop: Cheese, Frankfurter; Iron Shield, Five of Crosses
Steal: ~35 copper
Underground Caverns

Item Data

Item Data: Skelerang
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Boomerang Icon2.png Boomerang (jpn) - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Anti-aerial weapon [use] Projectile
Attrib: Hit
ATT +30
Buy: $500 Find: Anti-Chapel, Royal Chapel
Drop: Skelerang
Fire Boomerang Icon.png Fire Boomerang (jpn) - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Flaming boomerang [use] Projectile
Attrib: Fire
ATT +50
Buy: $1,000 (later) Find: Anti-Chapel, Reverse Entrance
Drop: Skelerang
Miracle Armband Icon.png Miracle Armband (Miracle Wrist) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Luck increases while equipped. Arm
LCK +10
Drop: Clinking Man, Skeleton Boomerang
Stylish Suit Icon.png Stylish Suit (Fancy Clothes) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
You'll be popular while wearing this Body (Clothes)
DEF +40, STR +10
Drop: Skeleton Boomerang, Harpy, Heat Shade
Boomerang DoS Icon.png Boomerang - Dawn of Sorrow [edit]
A throwing weapon with a curved blade Throwing Weapon
Attrib: Slash
ATK +6
Sell: $750 
Buy: $1,500 Find: Hammer's shop
Drop: Skelerang
Effect: Throw; Fast Throw
Enchanted Soul.png Skelerang - Rapid Fire Shots - Dawn of Sorrow [edit]
Enhance throwing ability. Enchanted Soul
Rarity: **
Drop: Skelerang
Subweapon PoR Icon.png Boomerang - Portrait of Ruin [edit]
A throwing weapon that returns to the thrower in an arc. Sub-Weapon
Attrib: Slash
Consume: 28 MP 
Base Attack: 10/28 (0 SP/Mastered)
Drop: Skelerang
Effect: Throws a boomerang in an arc and it returns to Jonathan.
Special: Mastered - Boomerang increases in size and moves faster.
Evolve: 1,500 SP to master.
Five of Crosses - Encore of the Night [edit]
' Card
Drop: Skelerang



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