Skeleton Cave (12)
For regular cave areas, see Caves.

Skeleton Caves are recurring environments in the Castlevania series.


Unlike traditional caves, which are mainly composed of earth and stone, these underground enclosures serve as the final resting place of thousands upon thousands of skeletal remains of diverse species, which range from animals and dinosaurs to other unknown creatures, although in their vast majority they are composed of human bones. In fact, it is not rare to find absurdly large piles of human skulls along the many chambers that comprise these abandoned places, or actually covering the entire floor, literally serving as foothold for the player to traverse onto.

This skeletal theme goes to the point of sometimes featuring decorations manufactured solely of bones, such as chandeliers, pedestals and platforms. On certain occasions, the fossilized remains of enemies from previous adventures can be found either embedded along the cavern's walls or just lying around. These areas are closely related to catacombs, most of the times resulting in a mixture of both types of environments.

As expected from places like these, most of the enemies are magically reanimated skeletons of all types and forms. Besides the standard skeletons and their many variants, Bone Pillars and the White Dragons are other enemies frequently encountered in these places. Keeping with the theme, the boss of the level is usually some sort of gigantic skeletal creature, such as the Maneater or Legion (corpse)

Due to the natural weakness these types of enemies have to the Strike damage type, weapons with this attribute, such as hammers, flails and fists, are recommended to be equipped while traversing these areas.


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