The Skeleton Rex is an enemy in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. It is a fossilized thunder lizard, given life by an evil will.


The Skeleton Rex are the reanimated remains of a tyrannosaur that still roam the Skeleton Cave. It is a bulky and resilient enemy that paces and sprints in a most peculiar manner. Its attacks consist in biting with its powerful jaws, building up a pounce that lands with a snap, and breathing an elemental stream.

As with all enemies in the Skeleton Cave, it is weak to Strike and Flame, so equipping a Macir glyph is recommended when fighting them.

Enemy Data

42 Skeleton Rex 184 37
Tolerance Weakness
Ice, Darkness Strike, Flame, Light
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Skeleton Cave - - 105 2
Description "A fossilized thunder lizard, given life by an evil will."


  • Skeleton Rex French Name
    In the game's French and Italian versions, the enemy description says it's a brontosaurus' skeleton, despite it looking more like a tyrannosaur. This is probably a confusion due to the brontosaurus's name etymology, coming from the ancient Greek βροντή (thunder) and σαῦρος (lizard), and whose English description says it's a thunder lizard skeleton.
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