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The Small Troll is an enemy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.


Biologically speaking, Small and Cave Trolls are more or less equal. However, their behavior couldn't be more different; the large subspecies is fairly aggressive, whereas Small Trolls are cowardly and will quickly flee when outnumbered, often seeking the protection behind their larger, more violent cousins, from where they will throw rocks at adversaries.

Gabriel encounters Small Trolls in many places including the Waterfalls of Agharta, the Mountain Fortress, Veros Woods and the Bones Forest.


Small Trolls are relatively easy to kill. They often fight in packs, occasionally found alongside a larger Cave Troll. They can be killed either by just whipping them with the Combat Cross, pounding them while riding a Cave Troll, or by gripping them and initiating a timed event. They will often flee toward the edge of the area if the player has the advantage, forcing the player to chase after them. They get a bit more aggressive if the player is distracted with their larger cousins.

Waterfalls of Agharta TrialEdit

Finish the level after killing 24 Small Trolls while riding on the back of a Cave Troll.

Enemy DataEdit

Name Size Difficulty Chapter
Small Troll Small Low Chapter 2: Waterfalls of Agharta, Chapter 2: Agharta, Chapter 4: Mountain Fortress, Chapter 4: The Crow Witch, Chapter 5: Veros Woods, Chapter 9: Bones Forest
Silver Dagger Explosive Dagger Holy Water Flasks Divine Shield
Weak - Strong -
Fairy Light Fairy Dark Crystal
Weak Weak Weak
"Small Trolls are cowardly and quickly flee when outnumbered.(...)"


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