Soldiers' Diaries are messages in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 that soldiers of the Brotherhood of Light left behind in Dracula's Castle during their expeditions. They are similar to Brotherhood Knight Scrolls from previous games, although they're written down by hand without the use of magic.

They can be found throughout Dracula's Castle, while City Memorials can be found in Castlevania City instead.

Item Data

Item Data: Soldiers' Diaries
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Memory of Sir William Rem - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
We've been so naive! We thought we could enter Dracula's castle, defeat his army and avoid all of his traps without suffering any damage! Damn the captain and his stupid fairy tales! Now I see the pack of lies they used to swell our pride. "Brandish the pen and describe what you see so that our comrades learn of your heroic feat," he told us. My story ends in this cold corner, brother, without the cheers of the people or the sound of the shining trumpets. Before finishing my writing, I must tell you that not everything in this place brings death. Until now I have survived thanks to some strange artifacts that hide valuable secrets. I trust that you will find them and that their content will help you in your fight... alas it's already too late for me... Soldiers' Diary

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