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Soma Cruz appears as a support character in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. He has also first appeared as a boss when he was possessed by the Grimoire's dark influence, Dark King Soma.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Abilities
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Soma Cruz - Grimoire of Souls (Apple Arcade version only)
  Alter Art - Any
A reincarnation of Count Dracula. With his power of dominante, he can use the souls of monsters he had defeated in combat. Despite appearances, he acts his age. Conditions: Start Chapter 10
Sequence: [Alter Art]
Special: Can be upgraded though Alucard, Simon, and Shanoa's Develop Abilities to be cast up to three times per mission.
Nuadha's Sword (jpn) - Grimoire of Souls
  Alter Art Weapon (Sword) - Soma
Find: Starts with
Character Skill
Claimh Solais - Grimoire of Souls
  Alter Art Character Skill - Soma
Unleashes the power of the Claimh Solais to mow down a large area. Find: Starts with
Sequence: [Character Skill]
Effect: Enhances the power of Nuadha's Sword, then performs overhead strike.
Gun [Soma] (Silver Gun) - Grimoire of Souls
  Alter Art Sub-Weapon (Gun) - Soma
Fires multiple projectiles forward. Find: Starts with
Special: Type A Gun Shot
Weapon Skills
Tactical Soul: G Axe Armor - Grimoire of Souls
  Alter Art Weapon Skill - Soma
Summon G Axe Armor to launch the enemy into the air. Find: Start with
Effect: Giga Twister
Tactical Soul: Flame Demon - Grimoire of Souls
  Alter Art Weapon Skill - Soma
Summon a Flame Demon and shoot multiple fireballs forward. Find: Start with
Effect: Hellfire
Tactical Soul: Giant Bat - Grimoire of Souls
  Alter Art Weapon Skill - Soma
Transform into a bat temporarily and fly around freely. Use attack controls to perform a charging strike. Find: Start with
Special: Perform a Wing Smash by pressing [Attack].

Enemy Data[]

Dark King Soma is the central antagonist turned quaternary protagonist of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. He is the Grimoire replica of the original Soma Cruz that has succumbed to Dracula's nature and was once an ally of Hermina after she summoned him from the catalogue until his betrayal and teamed up with Death. It was revealed that he was once a heroic Soma Cruz that Hermina wanted to summon to counter Dracula's resurrection, but due to the Grimoire's chaos spreading to his hero catalogue, he was corrupted into the Dark King. He was later freed by Alucard, Hermina, and their allies.

Enemy Data: Dark King Soma(edit)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location Notes
GoS Dark King Soma Dark King Soma  - Grimoire of Souls [ edit ]
' That Which Writhes: 4-1

Accursed Cranium: 4-1
A Vessel for the Lord: 4-1

Abil: Burn, Poison; Giga Twister, Hellfire, Summon Larva

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