For the souls of defeated enemies Soma Cruz can absorb to gain abilities, see Tactical Soul.

The Souls of enemies can be drained and harnessed by some players in Castlevania. Alucard is able to replenish his health by draining soul energy from enemies on the screen by using a Soul Steal spell and related techniques. Sonia Belmont is able to sacrifice the souls of slain bosses to elemental spirits in order to gain the use of Soul Weapons. Soma Cruz is able to acquire some enemy souls randomly and use them as Tactical Souls to enhance his attacks and abilities.

In Aria of Sorrow, the soul usually is related to the monster. One of the exceptions is the Succubus's soul, Death Touch, since the Succubus doesn't recover her HP by kissing (or biting).

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Soul
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Gb3-soulball Soul - Legends [edit]
' Item
Drop: Creatures Bat, Death Dragon, Grim Reaper, Alucard, Executioner
Evolve: Soul Weapon
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