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Stage Attribute is a gameplay mechanic that appears in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. It allows the player to gain increased stats by wearing equipment that matches the element of the stage currently being played.


Each stage under Quests has an attribute, which is one of the five elements in Grimoire of Souls - Flame, Ice, Lightning, Holy, or Dark. It has no correlation to the types of enemies which appear there. For example, a stage with a flame attribute could have plenty of ice enemies. Likewise, every piece of equipment that is at least 3★ has an elemental affinity. It is generally recommended to choose equipment that matches the Stage Attribute, even if it isn't the strongest equipment the player possesses. Attacks dealt by the player that receive this boost will display differently colored damage numbers, corresponding to the element.

Stages in other modes, such as Bounty Hunt and Trial, typically do not have a Stage Attribute, making it impossible to get a bonus.


In order to take advantage of the boosted ATK, the matching weapon must be equipped in the main weapon slot. When matched, this will be indicated by a damage multiplier displayed on the Prepare screen. The bonus is equal to a 1% boost in ATK per 15 points in the corresponding element. As such, it is beneficial to match the Stage Attribute with the sub weapon and support weapons as well, to get as many points as possible.

This boost applies to any attacks performed by the player that matches the element. If the main weapon matches, this will apply to normal attacks, slides, and Character Skills.

Weapon Skills and sub weapons are fixed to their own element and cannot be changed. Since the only element that deals extra damage is the one that matches the Stage Attribute, this means that attacks of other elements will only deal damage based on the character's ATK, regardless of how many points of the other elements they have.

Alter Arts do not change element either. All of them are non-elemental with the exception of Hydro Storm, which deals Holy damage.


Unlike ATK, characters can still benefit from having a number of different elemental resistances. Enemies can still deal damage in elements other than that of the Stage Attribute. DEF is increased by 1% for every 10 points of the corresponding element.

However, enemies do receive a bonus similar to player characters. Any attacks they perform which match the Stage Attribute will deal increased damage to the player. It can be important to defend against the Stage Attribute, but it's also a good idea to view the enemies that will be appearing in the stage to determine what kinds of armor to wear.