Stella Lecarde (ステラ・リカード Sutera Rikādo?, lit. "Stella Ricardo") is a character and major antagonist in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. She is the twin sister of Loretta and daughter of Eric Lecarde, one of the protagonists from Castlevania: Bloodlines. Both women were captured by an old vampire named Brauner, who turned them into vampires as well, and who since then has acted as their adoptive father.

Stella is fought twice as a boss during the course of the game, first by herself and the second alongside her sister.

In one of the alternate modes of the game, both she and her sister become playable characters and the story of how they came to fall into Brauner's clutches is further explained.

Appearance and personality

Stella is the older vampire twin and the more emotional of the two. She typically specializes in physical attacks, primarily sword strikes and energy waves. As a vampire, she looks down upon humans, and attacks Jonathan and Charlotte despite Brauner's orders not to do so. In her vampire form, she possesses heterochromia, with her right eye being red and her left eye being green. In her human form, she has blue eyes. A similar effect was observed with her younger sister Loretta.


Although one alternate ending depicts Jonathan and Charlotte simply defeating Stella and Loretta, the canon ending involves them being saved. During the battle with the Lecarde twins, Stella and Loretta are cured of their vampirism by Charlotte's Sanctuary spell. This returns them to their human form and gives them their minds back, and they show their gratitude by offering to perform a ritual that allows Jonathan to utilize the Vampire Killer's full power. Whether Jonathan takes them up on this offer is up to the player.

After Dracula's defeat, they finally meet up with their father's ghost, and Stella is especially distraught when he finally passes, falling to her knees and sobbing. She also admits that, considering herself the older of the two, she takes a greater share of the responsibility than the "younger" Loretta.

In Sisters Mode, Stella is able to damage enemies and objects that the player rubs the stylus over. She and Loretta enter the castle against their father's wishes, believing that he is inside. Upon reaching Brauner's portrait, they find their father badly wounded, and Brauner ambushes them and turns them into vampires, setting up the events of the main game.

Enemy Data

No. Name JPN HP
146 Stella ステラ Sutera 2,500
Tolerance Weakness
Ice Whip, Slash, Fire, Electric
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
Tower of Death, Master's Keep Stella's Locket (after the first fight) - 0 0
Description "Loretta's twin sister. She's a skilled swordmaster."

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