"You will never leave here."
— The Stone Golem to Dracula

The Stone Golem is a miniboss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. It is a crumble of architecture brought to life by the blood of the castle when it turns against its master.



The curse that runs through Dracula's veins becomes more violent the more the vampire delves into his memories. When the blood escapes to possess fragments of the castle, a monstrous stone golem takes shape. Like a puppeteer, the cursed substance controls its limbs and is capable of attacking its master with crushing violence. Trying to defeat it by hitting the bevels, columns, and statues that make it up is as laborious as it is inefficient. The true aim is the red flow that animates it.

Lords of Shadow 2Edit

Golem Icon

When the castle tries to prevent Dracula from reaching the Void Sword it creates the stone golem from the architecture and sculpture. It forms as a last blockade against its former master, but Dracula punches through it breaking it apart. The golem reforms after Dracula regains the void sword and attacks him, but it is soon destroyed by the vampire lord. From its head Dracula retrieves the primordial void gem.


  • Because it is made of broken architecture, the Stone Golem can be seen as symbolic of the castle itself.
  • The Stone Golem marks the first encounter with Inner Dracula in the game.
  • The boss is similar to the Forgotten One in that only the exposed areas can be hit (blood for the golem and flesh for the Forgotten One).
    • If a non-vulnerable spot is struck, the golem will laugh maniacally.
  • The Stone Golem fights in a similar manner to the outer casing of Inner Dracula.
  • It's the only character besides Dracula who uses Void Projections.





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