The Stopwatch, also known as Pocket Watch, Clock, Hourglass, Timer or Watch, is a sub-weapon in the Castlevania series. It is used to slow down or completely stop time temporarily.


The Stopwatch is most useful against enemies that move around a lot and/or are hard to hit. It normally lasts 5 seconds and traditionally consumes 5 Hearts, a considerable higher amount than other sub-weapons.

Some enemies (especially bosses) are immune to time-stopping events, or are only slowed down instead of freezing completely.

Its Item Crash involves a longer amount of time freezing, and sometimes an energy attack following the end of the attack. Some other games feature spells or abilities that essentially work like as the stopwatch does, such has the Chronomage's soul in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and a Time Stop spell in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

The stopwatch is the traditional sub-weapon that is most frequently absent from certain games.

Game specific information


The original Castlevania featured a Watch as one of the five original sub-weapons that could be used in the game. The player could only equip a single sub-weapon at a time, each which could be obtained from hitting a particular candle or as a drop item from an enemy. By holding ↑ while attacking, all enemies on the screen freeze. The game's stage timer, moving platforms and traps, and some bosses are unaffected by this action. The watch is the only sub-weapon in this game that takes more than one heart, and it takes 5 hearts to be used. It is also the only weapon in the game that cannot be enhanced with the use of Double Shot or Triple Shot. The watch has no effect on bosses after the second level.

Vampire Killer

The Hourglass in Vampire Killer is essentially the same thing as a stopwatch and acts in a similar manner when used. It is only one of two sub-weapons that consume hearts in this game (the other is Holy Water). It is possible to have both sub-weapons equipped at the same time in this game, however, and the button combinations to use them is different (Jump + ↓ for Hour Glass, and Jump + → or ← for Holy Water). Both sub-weapons consume 5 hearts in this game.

Haunted Castle

The Timer is the only sub-weapon in Haunted Castle that looks and behaves like one of the traditional sub-weapons. In this game, it only consumes 2 hearts, but has much the same affect as the Hourglass from Vampire Killer for the MSX.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

The Stopwatch found in Dracula's Curse is identical to the watch found in the original Castlevania. It is the only sub-weapon that can be used by all four characters, and is notably the only sub-weapon that can be equipped by Alucard.

Super Castlevania IV

The Watch in Super Castlevania IV is similar to that found in the original Castlevania.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

The Clock is the only sub-weapon not affected by Shooter Mode. Its cost remains the same, and the crash damage is also the same. In this game, there are two levels of time stop, one is from normal use, and the other one is from Item Crash. The second one affects more enemies, and can completely stop some (if not all) enemies, which could only be slowed down by the first level. Using Pluto + Serpent combination will double the duration.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

Main article: Stopwatch (Lords of Shadow)

Item Data

Item Data: Stopwatch
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Stopwatch NES Icon Watch (Pocket Watch) - Castlevania [edit]
Power: Stops enemy action (some exceptions); Comment: Costs you 5 small hearts for each use Sub-Weapon
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Candles
Drop: Any enemy
Mystic-clock2 Hourglass (Sandglass/Hourglass) - Vampire Killer [edit]
' Item
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Treasure Chests, Old Crone
Stopwatch Pocket Watch (Timer) [alt] - Haunted Castle [edit]
Freeze enemies for a certain time. Sub-Weapon
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 2 Hearts 
Stopwatch NES Icon Pocket Watch (jpn) - Dracula's Curse [edit]
This item stops all evil enemies dead in their tracks. Item (Sub-Weapon)
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Candle
Drop: Any enemy
Watch SC4 Icon Watch - Super Castlevania IV [edit]
Stops most enemy action Sub-Weapon
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 5 Hearts  Find: Candle
Drop: Any enemy
Stop Watch CH Icon Pocket Watch - Chronicles [edit]
Freezes all enemies on the screen (will not work on bosses from block 3 onward). Subweapon
Simon Belmont 
Consume: 5 Hearts 
RoB StopwatchStopwatch SOTN DXC Icon
Pocket Watch - Rondo of Blood [edit]
' Sub-Weapon
Consume: 5 Hearts (30 by using his Item Crash) 
RoB Stopwatch Watch - Dracula X [edit]
Slows the movement of opponents on screen for a certain amount of time. It is, however, ineffective for some opponents Sub-Weapon
Consume: 5 Hearts (15 by using his Item Crash) 
Stopwatch Icon Stopwatch [alt] - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Freezes time for all on-screen enemies. Some foes are immune. (...) Sub-Weapon
Alucard, Richter, Maria (Saturn only) 
Consume: 20 Hearts (Alucard), 10 (Richter / Maria)  Effect: Freezes time.
Special: Item Crash for longer duration (Richter only, 20 Hearts).
Gb3-watch Pocket Watch - Legends [edit]
' Collected Item
Find: Stage 2
Castlevania CotM weapon-stopwatch Clock - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Enemy movements are stopped for a set period of time. Normal Item (Sub-Weapon)
Consume: 20 Heart 
Clock CoD Stopwatch - Curse of Darkness [edit]
' Sub-weapon
Trevor Belmont 
Consume: 20 Hearts (Time Stop Lv.1)
30 Hearts (Time Stop Lv.2 - the guide says "Time Stop Lv.1") 
Find: Start with
Stop Watch Rebirth Icon Stopwatch - Adventure ReBirth [edit]
' Sub-Weapon
Christopher Belmont 
Consume: 8 Hearts 
Stopwatch MoF Icon Stopwatch - Mirror of Fate [edit]
This device makes use of vampire blood to slow down time. It becomes very useful when you want to hit fast moving enemies or to solve puzzles under time pressure. Alucard is not affected by the power of the stopwatch. (...) Secondary Weapon
Find: Toy Maker's Workshop
Special: The 'Charged' secondary attack will make time move much more slowly than the standard attack.


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