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Story Mode is a mode in Castlevania Judgment. As the name suggest, playing this mode with a character will present his or her story and pit the player against multiple opponents they must defeat, the first always being Aeon, fought in the Abbey Ruins. A few cutscenes are usually shown every two or three battles. The story ends after nine battles total. At the end, Aeon can heard saying he accepts the character's soul key and how many the player needs to unlock the True Story Mode.

Finishing Story Mode with a character will unlock another one in the same group (Warriors of the Light or of the Night). At first, only Simon and Alucard are playable. Once the player finishes Story Mode with all characters except Aeon, True Story Mode will be unlocked.


Warriors of the Light[]

Simon Belmont[]

The sworn vampire hunters of the Belmont clan have long passed down a sacred whip known as the Vampire Killer, so that each new generation might wield it in their battle against darkness.

One fateful night, the heir to this dynasty, Simon Belmont, entered a dark forest. Having triumphed over Dracula, he was pursuing the last of the vampire’s minions.

But suddenly, before his eyes, a strange spectacle unfolded…

Maria Renard[]

An orphan ever since her parents were slain by Dracula, Maria Renard possessed great power despite her young age.

Her gift, dominion over animals including the four Celestial Beasts, granted her strength that rivaled even that of a Belmont.

Several years after helping Richter Belmont defeat Dracula, Maria sensed a strange unease among her animal friends.

Beneath the light of a full moon, she ventured into a dark forest seeking answers. But there, a most unusual scene played out before her…

Trevor Belmont[]

Of his clan of vampire hunters, Trevor Belmont was the first to defeat their mortal enemy, Count Dracula.

But several years after Dracula's downfall, the vampire's cult of worshippers stirred once again.

No sooner had Trevor arrived in Wallachia to investigate, than a strange vision appeared before him...

Sypha Belnades[]

A witch who harnessed the power of the dead to control the elements, Sypha Belnades lived in a time when her kind were feared and persecuted.

Granted the protection of the Church, Sypha vowed to hunt down the forces of evil and help mankind, despite their continued oppression of her sisters.

One day, while out working alone, she was approached by a stranger...

Eric Lecarde[]

When the sacred whip known as the Vampire Killer passed to the Morris family, another enchanted weapon -- the Alucard Spear -- was granted to the Belmont relatives of House Lecarde.

The spear was designed to help the Lecardes support the Morris clan in their ongoing struggle against Dracula.

As the years passed, Eric Lecarde trained diligently with the lance, despite a growing dissatisfaction with his role in this venerable pact.

One day he left his home as usual, only to find himself standing in a most unusual place...


In the early 19th century, an organization known as the Order of Ecclesia developed a method of forging energy into magical figures called Glyphs.

But only one among them possessed the ability to absorb and command this power: Shanoa.

When the Order finally discovered the means to destroy Dracula, a traitor among them made off with the secret, along with Shanoa’s memory.

At the command of her Order, Shanoa was pursuing this traitor when a strange man appeared…

Grant Danasty[]

Light of foot and lighter of spirit, Grant Danasty was nevertheless Wallachia's staunchest defender.

He once partnered with a vampire hunter of House Belmont to face down the mighty Dracula.

Upon Dracula’s defeat, Grant devoted himself to rebuilding the towns and villages the vampire’s demons had razed.

One day, a year later, Grant awoke from a stranger vertigo to find himself in an unfamiliar place…

Warriors of the Night[]


Despite his heritage, Dracula’s son Alucard had long fought beside humans to vanquish his father.

But Dracula heeds the call of man, arising time and time again. So Alucard wandered the ages, forever seeking a way to complete his father’s destruction.

One night during his travels, Alucard felt a strange presence. He turned to find a man who seemed not to exist at all…


An ancient curse once befell a tribe of warriors, turning all its people into beasts.

Only Cornell -- the "Blue Crescent Moon," as he was called -- could control his transformation.

But one day, while out training, Cornell's power ran amok, trapping him in beast form. When he came to, a man stood before him...


Beloved by the night, only the pale light of the moon was allowed to illuminate the exquisite beauty of the vampiress Carmilla.

She awoke in darkness from her long slumber, believing the time had come to aid in Dracula's resurrection.

Hunting for a victim to slake her deep thirst, she happened across a man with a strange air about him...


A living puppet with a spirit born of black magic, Golem was built to serve his creator's will.

His only purpose was to guard long-forgotten ruins from any who might intrude.

But when he was sucked into the time rift, a soul took root in his artificial spirit...


With the power to govern the end of all living things, Death served Dracula with unfailing loyalty.

Eagerly he awaited his master's revival, sowing wickedness far and wide in anticipation of Dracula's return.

But the man who appeared before him that day was no friend to immortals, but rather a traveler of time...


There was once a man who lost his faith in God's benevolence, and chose to rebel against Him.

According to legend, he is reborn once every hundred years, sowing fear and hatred in the hearts of men.

He is Dracula, King of the Vampires and Lord of Darkness. The gateway to his world was opened by the call of man. But now that passage has exposed a rift in time...


As a guardian of time, Aeon journeyed through the ages.

One day, suddenly and without warning, a powerful entity appeared from 10,000 years in the future, determined to destroy the very fabric of time.

Aeon enlisted the power of thirteen mighty souls, setting each on a path that would lead to this great enemy.

With only a single chance at victory, Aeon must determine the most worthy champion for the battle ahead...

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