Striga is an antagonist in the Castlevania animated series. She is a member of the Council of Sisters, serving as the leader of the army of vampires.

She is voiced by Ivana Milicevic in the English version of the show.



Striga is a female vampire with androgynous features. She has long black unkempt hair, dark gray lips, and light green eyes. Compared to the other members of Carmilla's Council, Striga is not only more stocky and muscular, but is also considerably taller than her peers. She wears a dark blue cloak which hides her black suit of armor, a red sash, a dress in a darker shade of white, and a leather belt. It should be noted that the left pauldron of her armor appears to be fashioned after a raven or crow's head. Striga also wears an ornament in her hair that is based on the original Carmilla's mask (which first appeared in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest).


Striga is the high general of Styria and its greatest warrior. She tends to be blunt, preferring honest "honorable" tactics. Lenore notes that while most of the sisters play with their prey, Striga would kill it and move on. Striga is not afraid to share her honest advice with Carmilla.

Striga works closely with Morana, the two keep the kingdom of Styria running. They have long been lovers and work exceptionally well together - combining solid plans, supporting each other and pushing each other to greater heights. Striga is pleased with her life, but remembers the hard road that leads to being a queen of Styria. Morana helps Striga to look past this and inspires her with the notion that she can soon lead the full military might of an empire. Striga is committed to making that dream and Carmilla's vision come true.

Also due to her warrior mentality, Striga possess a very strong sense of honor and a strict code of conduct, as seen during her conversation with Morana, where she expressed surprise that any warrior would willingly turn on their employers and benefactors if offered more coin, than their initial offer by Morana to side with them instead, and later stating that "there was no honor in it".

Powers and abilities

Genius military strategist: In all matters military, Striga is an expert. She understands all military aspects of what is required to take and hold eight hundred miles of territory. Regarding the use of Hector as Styria's forgemaster, Striga routinely provides sound insight on the potential pitfalls of letting Hector develop military forces.




Concept art


  • Striga wears a ring on her hair based on the original Carmilla's mask (particularly, to its depiction in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest). Lenore and Morana wear one as well, although the former has it on her hand and the latter on her ear.[1]
  • Striga's name likely comes from the word strigoi, which is Romanian for "vampire".
  • Another possible origin of her name is the Polish strzyga, an owl monster sharing many similarities with vampires.


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