The Study is a location and the third area to be explored in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. This area houses some mythological enemies, such as Arachne and the Minotaur. It is connected with the Chapel and the Forbidden Area, and doesn't have a Warp Room.


Soma will encounter Yoko Belnades for the first time here, who will advise him about Graham's true intentions and encourage him to have more faith in himself. She will also reveal the dark nature of Soma's Power of Dominance, but also explains that, like any weapon, it is its user who chooses how to use it, which means they don't have to be necessarily evil.

Near the Save Room, the Ancient Book 1 can be found, though it requires the Skeleton Blaze's soul to access it from within the Study. Alternatively, the book can be reached by entering the Study from the Forbidden Area.

A secret area containing a demon's mouth as a door can also be accessed using backdash. Entering this will allow the player to obtain the unique weapon Whip Sword early in the game.

The boss of this area is the Great Armor, the third boss in the game. After defeating it, Soma will meet up with Hammer and also find Malphas's soul in the same room, which endows him the ability to perform double jumps.


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