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Styria is a location in the Castlevania animated series. It is a state in Austria governed by the Council of Sisters.


Government before Isaac's Invasion[]

"This is us. We have never been able to project our power west. Too many strong nations. But if we look east... we see an entire region fractured and devastated by Dracula's actions. From here to Braila. Our march from there to here defines a destabilized zone with no real power structures or organization."
Carmilla in "The Reparation of My Heart"

Despite being part of Austria, Styria operates as an independent country, with the Council of Sisters acting as the main rulers and holding the title of Queens. The main seat of power where the Council operates is located in Carmilla's castle. Styria has a regular army, as well as intelligence agents that gather information, including abroad. It's known that there are also several mages and at least one cartographer in the Council's court.

It's been shown that each queen handles a vital office that in conjunction keep the region running: Lenore manages diplomatic relationships for Styria, which is also an aspect of state governance, Striga handles and runs its military aspects and insures its defenses, Morana runs the region's internal affairs, economy and administrative offices, and Carmilla herself acts as the main head of state and its leader. Despite diplomacy, either Styria has internal tensions between vampire and human populations or Carmilla is simply too ruthless. In "Old Homes", Carmilla mentioned that she at times needs to secure her region due to "the usual - villagers, pitchforks and torches".

Government after Isaac's Invasion[]

"I think I'm going to write a book. The future should know the mistakes we made. And recently, I've been caused to know the value... and the beauty... of things that live longer than I do."
Hector in "It's Been a Strange Ride"

After Isaac's invasion with his army of night creatures, Carmilla is dead, Striga and Morana left Styria behind, and Lenore was kept a prisoner, who eventually committed suicide. Isaac then became the new king of Styria, and the then-existing operatives of intellegence agents across neighboring lands, mages and cartographer are left either to Morana or Striga after the death of Carmilla, and because of her suicide he does not have Lenore to negotiate with remaining groups of power. How Isaac adapts to this difficult challenge of government is unknown and left ambigious— the leader or leaders are clear, military is supplanted with his (And possibly Hector's) Night Creatures, but the internal affairs, economy, administrative management and external treaties and trade with factions are unknown.

Diplomatic relationships[]


"Diplomacy is compromise. I get something, you get something. Neither of us get everything we want, but we both leave happy."
Lenore in "What the Night Brings"

Currently, it's been stated (and shown) that Styria itself possesses very poor –and even hostile– relationships with its neighboring regions and cities due to the nature of it essentially being a vampire kingdom.

During Styria's history being ruled under Carmilla and her sisters, it's been implied that they have attempted numerous times to invade their neighbors and conquer them. However, due to there being too many strong and powerful countries in their surrounding regions, they were met with little success. They as well need to defend their own borders from hostile neighbors. Even with Lenore negotiating with all groups, Styria mainrained a tumultuous truce with its neighbors. Neither side wanted to waste time and resources trying to destroy each other and are content to simply stay within each other's borders and defend themselves.

As stated by Carmilla in "Having the World", Styria itself has also faced numerous invasions from foreign powers who attempted to conquer it through military force. This is seen where Carmilla mentioned that she and her sisters had to fend off invasions from the "wolf people" in the North, the armies in the West, and numerous other foreign forces who thought that it would be easy to conquer Styria from them due to it being a nation run by women. Styria once had poor relationships with the other neighboring Vampire Lords. During its tumultuous times of facing numerous invasions, Carmilla and her sisters attempted to reach out and get help from their neighboring vampire communities; however, the lords and leaders of these communities brushed off and rebuked their pleads for assistance due to them being "bloody women" and instead left them to die.

Post-Invasion and after the events of Castlevania[]

"I have recently begun to consider the future... which has been a novelty for me, because I never really thought I had one. This is how they get us, Hector. They convince us that there is no future. There's only an eternal now... and the best we can do is survive until dawn and then do it all again. That's no way to live[...] I am interested in living. I am interested in building a way to live. And I think I will start here."
Isaac in "You Don't Deserve My Blood"

After Isaac's invasion of the castle of the Council of Sisters, his swift takeover succeeds and he becomes ruler of Styria. It is left ambigious in the animated series what Isaac's decisions as King of Styria are, but it is certain that he aimes for a better world than the rule under the Council because of his experiences with the Shopkeeper, the Captain, and the Magician. The diplomatic relations he maintains with the neighboring Vampire Lords, Wolf People of the North, and armies of the West are left unknown, and so is the legacy he leaves behind of his rule of Styria, with the sole exception of the book written by Hector.



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