Subterranean Hell is a watery underground location in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Most of the area can be accessible by gaining dominance over Rahab's soul, Deep Seeker, which allows Soma to breathe and walk underwater.

The main layout of this area is almost identical to the Underground Reservoir from the previous game, Aria of Sorrow.


A mostly dark series of caverns, illuminated only by holes in the rocky walls and ceilings. It initially begins above ground, where the moon and lake are exposed. It then continues deeper though a series of air pockets underwater, where several lifeforms are found. It connects to the Garden of Madness, Wizardry Lab, Dark Chapel, and is the only place that connects to the Silenced Ruins without a portal.

Rahab is the boss of this place, and his soul, Deep Seeker, grants Soma the ability to breathe and walk underwater, allowing him to traverse most of the areas here. Rahab can be found conveniently near the beginning of the level, though.


Subterranean Hell


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