For the traditional enemy, see Succubus.

The Succubus is a devoted servant to Dracula in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. She is a demonic yet beautiful creature originating from the Underworld who seduces men whom she then offers to her lord for him to feed upon.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of FateEdit

Simon Belmont encounters the Succubus for the first time in a fantasy world. She attempts to kiss him, but he quickly fights back. He defeats her and her minions. She kneels before Dracula and begs his forgiveness for having failed him. She is slain by Simon.

Enemy DataEdit

Name HP EXP Difficulty Drop
Succubus 900 1,000 4/5 25 Magic (x3)
Throwing Axe Oil Flask Spirit of Schneider
 ??? Strong Weak
Bat Projectile Boomerang Electric Bomb
 ???  ???  ???
"This sensual and intoxicating creature has the appearance of a woman yet originates from the underworld and is intent on securing favor with her new master.(...)"

Encountered by: Simon Belmont





  • The Succubus' ability to create a fantasy world is a reference to Symphony of the Night.
  • She is voiced by Eleanor Howell.
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