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Around July 24, 2020, Nintendo suffered a number of massive data leaks that released onto the Internet decades-worth of the company's development materials. Among them was a prototype for Super Castlevania IV, a 1 MB demo that contains unfinished versions of the game's first seven stages. The layouts are largely similar to the finalized version's, yet the stages contain some significantly different elements, including structural, graphical and coding differences. There's also a lot of content missing that ended up in the final release of the game, such as later levels, music and enemies missing or unfinished.

This seems to lead to the belief that this prototype was perhaps a beta build of the game or a incomplete re-build of several parts of the game that differ from what can be seen in an early promotional commercial for the game.

Main differences from the final release[]

Some key differences lay within this prototype, which among other things include:

  • Intro cutscene is missing.
  • Only the countryside area map appears between levels and its design is very different than that in the final version.
  • Different enemy placements and some appearing in different levels than they do in the final release.
  • Several enemies have different sprites than those from the final release of the game.
  • Levels have music tracks in a different arrangement order than in the final release of the game.
  • Unused music.
  • Bolder and brighter backgrounds and sprites.
  • Some enemy characters that only act as mid-bosses in the final release (such as Medusa and Puweyxil), act as end of level bosses in the prototype and leave behind a Magic Crystal when defeated.



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