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Super Castlevania IV – Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP is the vinyl release of the soundtrack to Super Castlevania IV released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the fourth Castlevania soundtrack distributed by Mondo Music in their series covering the franchise soundtracks. It features 2xLP covering the full 29-track OST of the game.

Track list[]

Side A
  1. Devil’s Castle Dracula
  2. Dracula’s Theme
  3. Prologue
  4. Simon Belmont’s Theme
  5. Demon Forest
  6. Dripstone Cave / Waterfall
Side B
  1. Sunken City
  2. Mechanical Trick Mansion
  3. Boss Theme
  4. Stage Clear
  5. Stage Map A
  6. Going Into The Castle
Side C
  1. Knight Corridor / Great Hall
  2. Library / Collection Room
  3. Cellar
  4. Stage Map B
  5. Treasure Room
  6. Boss Theme 2
  7. Stage Map C
  8. Bloody Tears
Side D
  1. Stage Map D
  2. Vampire Killer
  3. Beginning
  4. Rooms of Close Associates
  5. Dracula’s Room
  6. Dracula’s Death
  7. Game Over
  8. Secret Room


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