Sypha Belnades (サイファ・ヴェルナンデス Saifa Verunandesu?) is a playable character in Castlevania Judgment.

She appears wearing priestly robes, white thigh boots, and wields a double ended staff. She is able to use the Cross, Holy Water, Jagged Earth, Gale Force and the Stopwatch sub-weapons. Her theme song is Mad Forest.

As a sorceress, she can control fire, thunder and ice magic. Sypha is destined to marry Trevor after they defeat Dracula together, but in her timeline they have not yet met. She carries the tragedy that was visited on the priestesses in her heart.

Move list

  • Neutral Combo (shake remote up to three times) - Sypha swings her mace overhead, then with an underhand swing that can launch an opponent upwards, then tosses a spell book straight forward into her opponent, which then disappears. At any time during or after this combo, Sypha can start a Fireball to Triple Blaze combo.
    • Move History: The first strike is very similar to Sypha's normal overhead staff strike in Dracula's Curse. The first game in which a spellbook was used as a blunt object was in Rondo of Blood where Richter's Bible attacks in a pattern spiraling out from him.
  • Directional Combo (shake remote up to two times while the character is running) - Sypha thrusts her mace forward into her opponent, then launches them upwards with a slight jump.
  • Jumping Attack (shake remote while in the air) - Sypha launches her spellbook diagonally downwards towards her opponent. She is lifted upwards while doing this attack, allowing it to be followed up with an Ice Storm attack before she touches the ground.
  • Fireball to Triple Blaze (shake remote up to two times while holding its trigger) - Sypha's book appears floating in front of her and laid open and out of it appears a fireball, which is launched towards her opponent. A second attack launches three more fireballs simultaneously in a triangle formation towards her opponent. All four fireballs converge on the same point in front of her.
    • Move History: These fireballs are more like missiles than the continuous flame attacks Sypha has used in past in the past.
  • 5972
    Frost Wall to Icicle Blades (while running, shake the remote up to two times while holding its trigger) - A series of ice shields form a circle around her. If her opponent touches the shields when not blocking, they become frozen for several seconds. Upon attacking again, long icicles protrude out from each of these shields.
    • Move History: The symbol on Sypha's back consisting of arrows radiating outwards from the center of a circle may represent this attack or vice versa. The icicle shield is most reminiscent of Actrise's crystals shields which sprout from the ground about her and provide a protective barrier around her. The fact that they freeze their opponent momentarily is straight out of Sypha's ice spell in Dracula's Curse. The icicle spears are similar to Yoko Belnades' ice spell in which giant daggers form a half circle arc above her head and then shoot outwards.
  • 5974
    Ice Storm (while in the air, shake the remote while holding its trigger) - Sypha opens her book in front of her and a series of flurry of ice daggers come out of it. She cannot attack again before touching the ground after this spell.
    • Move History: This move is similar to Fake Sypha's ice attack in Symphony of the Night where she floats mid air sending a stream of ice mist downwards towards the ground.
  • Lightning Strike (charge remote's trigger, then shake it - can be done in the air) - A giant lightning ball forms above Sypha's raised hands. It is then launched straight for her opponent and its slow movement can be directed with the analog stick. It stops traveling once the trigger button is released. If Sypha was in the air while performing this attack, she holds her hands downwards towards her opponent and the lightning ball forms in front of her hands there.
    • Move History: This is similar to Sypha's original lightning spell in Dracula's Curse (and later Yoko's in Dawn of Sorrow), in that it is a giant ball of lightning and it homes in on its enemy. Those games had three smaller homing lightning balls in it, which can target different enemies, but there is normally only one enemy in Judgment.
  • Hammer of Thor (shake the remote while blocking) - Sypha swing her mace powerfully upwards. If her attack lands on her opponent (which is unblockable), they are knocked upwards and backwards and Sypha points her mace in their direction and a massive beam of electricity shoots out of it towards them.
    • Move History: This attack is reminiscent of Galamoth's lightning rod attack from Symphony of the Night which emits a continuous stream of voltage in many directions towards the ground, though the attack is more direct than Galamoth's. Charlotte's Chain Lightning spell head straight for an opponent, but does not emit from a weapon. Belnades lightning magic being associated with Thor was established in Portrait of Ruin, which called Sypha's traditional lightning ball attack "Thor's Bellow".
  • 5975
    Disintegrate (press the down button) - Sypha shouts "Here it goes" and spins her mace around a bit, hoping to hit her enemy. If she does, she announces "Grimoire!" and a giant book bound in chains is called forth from the ground. With a gesture, Sypha causes the chains to snap and it turns to the page she seeks. She calls out "Spirits, head my call, come!" and a magic circle forms around her opponent and a barrier is put up around its circumference. She informs her opponent that "You cannot escape from that barrier" and they get a panicked look on their faces and the barrier closes in a sphere around them and lifts them above the ground. Massive orbs of fire, ice and lightning form and orbit and spiral inwards towards the barrier. Sypha yells "Disintegrate" and the barrier explodes. The book then disappears and Sypha tells them "That is the forbidden power" or "It is finished".
    • Move History: The giant book is reminiscent of the Necronomicon that appears on the title screen of Castlevania 64. It may also be a reference the Grimoire featured in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, though this is unlikely. The spell incorporates all three of Sypha's traditional elemental powers.
  • Object Action (press A+B while near a breakable object) - Trap an object to shoot lightning when an opponent comes near.


Dialogue Data: Sypha (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Sypha Opening
Narrator: A witch who harnessed the power of the dead to control the elements, Sypha Belnades lived in a time when her kind were feared and persecuted.

Granted the protection of the Church, Sypha vowed to hunt down the forces of evil and help mankind, despite their continued oppression of her sisters.

One day, while out working alone, she was approached by a stranger...

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt. 1)

Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Abbey Ruins
When: First starting the Game
Judgment Sypha DialogueSypha

Judgment Aeon DialogueAeon

Sypha Battle 1
Aeon: Right on time. Welcome to the time rift.

Sypha: A rift in time...? You are saying I was summoned here...?
Aeon: This is a place where you may touch that which you desire most. Yet there are trials you must pass.
Sypha: If it will help me achieve my goal, I will accept your challenge.

Aeon: My name is Aeon. Shall we begin the first trial?

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt. 1)

Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Abbey Ruins
When: First meeting with Aeon
Judgment Sypha DialogueSypha

Judgment Shanoa DialogueSHanoa

Sypha Battle 7
Sypha: The energy you radiate... it's that of a vampire!

Shanoa: I do not know. I know only that I possess the power to defeat them.
Sypha: You cannot hide the truth. I can feel it.
Shanoa: You'll not be satisfied with any explanation...

Sypha: In the name of persecuted witches everywhere, I cannot let this pass.

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt. 2)

Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Random
When: Encounter with Shanoa
Judgment Sypha DialogueSypha

Judgment Carmilla DialogueCarmilla

Sypha Battle 10
Sypha: It's you! Carmilla!

Carmilla: You're that church-witch, aren't you? All snug and comfy in your holy robes. Proud of yourself?
Sypha: What do you mean?
Carmilla: Well, I understand witches face certain... trials... lately?
Sypha: That all began because you monsters meddled with the hearts and minds of mankind!

Carmilla: That is the true nature of man. We merely gave it a little nudge. Come, show me your true nature now.

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades Story Pt. 2)

Game: Castlevania Judgment
Location: Random
When: Encounter with Carmilla
Judgment Sypha DialogueSypha

Judgment Aeon DialogueAeon

Sypha Battle 11
Aeon: Right on time. You must be the chosen one.

Sypha: A touch of what I desired... Just as you promised...
Aeon: Excellent. However, to leave this place, you must pass one last trial.
Sypha: And what is that?
Aeon: The enemy that trapped us here. He would destroy this era of time. He must be stopped.
Sypha: In that case, I will defeat him.
Aeon: Ah, but there is still one problem. We will have but a single chance to defeat him.
Sypha: Then let us decide who is best suited to face him.

Aeon: That is my desire.

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades True Story Ending)

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades True Story Ending)

Game: Castlevania Judgment (True Story Mode)
Location: Clock Tower
When: Second meeting with Aeon
Judgment Sypha DialogueSypha

Time ReaperTime Reaper

Sypha Battle 12
Time Reaper: I come from ten thousand years hence.
Sypha: Elemental spirits -- lend me your power.

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades True Story Ending)

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades True Story Ending)

Game: Castlevania Judgment (True Story Mode)
Location: Dimensional Rift
When: Encounter with the Time Reaper
Sypha Ending
Narrator: Thus the rift in time was mended, and all were returned to their respective eras.

Sypha Belnades returned to battle as a hunter for the Church.

Years later, a powerful vampire appeared calling himself Dracula. The Church wasted no time in arranging a hunting party.

Sypha would travel to a land well known for its fear of witches. Only a few months earlier, a young woman had been killed there on suspicion of witchcraft.

To protect herself, Sypha decided she would enter the battle in disguise, as a man...

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades True Story Ending)

Castlevania Judgment (Sypha Belnades True Story Ending)

Game: Castlevania Judgment (True Story Mode)
Location: Dimensional Rift
When: After defeating the Time Reaper


Items gained from defeating certain rooms in Story Mode with Sypha:

  • Gold Masquerade Mask - Add a little phantom to your opera and don this mask for an extra dash of anonymous courage. Enough, perhaps, to court that special someone...?
  • Blue Rose - A subtle yet spicy aroma wafts from the petals of this pastel blue rose.
  • Cute Bird - A small bird with bright red cheeks and a crest atop its head. So cute!
  • Water Spirit Pendant - A romantic necklace with an air of art nouveau. That's the spirit!


  • Short description: "A witch who made deals with spirits."
  • "If you wish to see the power of the elements, it would be my pleasure."
  • "Brand me a heretic, and I shall wear the title proudly."
  • "Prepare to face my righteous fury!"
  • "To truly change our world, I must grow stronger still."
  • "I shall fight you in the name of all my oppressed sisters."
  • "All power pales next to the forces of nature."
  • "All who wield the dark arts must pay the price."
  • "I have no mercy for anything tainted by darkness."
  • "Foul creature of darkness--your end is nigh."
  • "Were it not for fiends like you, I could be free of my torment..."
  • "You must learn the difference between the wicked and the righteous."
  • When greeting Maria Renard in the latter's Story Mode: "I am. If you're here, you must be one as well?" and "Will you stop? These things only get in the way."
  • When greeting Simon Belmont in the latter's Story Mode: "The Belmont whip? I ask you show me the power of a true vampire hunter.", "Do not underestimate me! I am Sypha Belnades, a hunter of the church.", and "Come, face me."
  • Against Trevor: "I would witness for myself the fearsome might of a true vampire hunter."
  • Against Dracula, Alucard or Carmilla: "Accursed vampire! It is time to die!"

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