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The Tears of a Saint recover Dracula's health completely and temporarily increase his maximum health. It is a stone urn in the shape of a mask that is filled with blood.


Dracula can transport from 3 to 5 Tears with him, thanks to secret upgrades. Whenever Dracula uses one, he stops moving, drinks from the urn, and smashes it on the ground. As with all Relics, enemies can still attack while Dracula is performing the "draw" animation, but once the drinking animation starts enemies will stop attacking until it has completed.

Tears will always restore Dracula to at least 100% health, and can double-fill the bar to 200%: this functions much like overcharging the magic meters, and the excess health will slowly drain over time.

Item Data

Item Data: Tears of a Saint
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Tears of a Saint Icon.png Tears of a Saint - Lords of Shadow 2, Revelations (DLC) [edit]
An ancient belief attributes healing capabilities to the tears of saints. (...) Secondary Weapon (Relic)
Dracula, Alucard 
Sequence: With the Tears of a Saint selected, press and hold [Secondary Weapon] to use them.
Tears of a Saint - Lords of Shadow 2 [edit]
The Tears of a Saint recover Dracula's health completely and temporarily increase his maximum health. Skill (Secondary Weapon)
Dracula, Alucard 
Sequence: Tears of a Saint selected: Hold [Secondary Weapon]




  • The relic is actually a reference to Bloody Tears, a classic Castlevania tune. 
  • The Tears of a Saint work similarly to the potions of the Metroidvania games.
  • During the Kleidos challenge Infection: Second seal, Young Trevor will use the Tears dropped by Possessed Citizens.


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