For the teleporting rooms in the classic games, see Warp Room.

Teleporters are devices in the shape of a demon's face that teleport a user from one area of the castle to another. There are three colored pairs of telporters in the castle. One end of each pair can be found in a room in the Library once a Combat Chain has been acquired. Taking the Red Teleporter will warp the player to the other Red Teleporter in the Forgotten Caves. Taking the Blue Teleporter will take the player to the Blue Teleporter in the East end of the Inner Cells, while taking the Green Teleporter will take the player to the Green Teleporter at the West end of the Inner Cells. The location of the teleporters is marked on the map.

Item Data

Item Data: Teleporter
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Teleporter - Mirror of Fate [edit]
A teleporter is a very usefull device that can shift your character instantly from one part of the Castle to another. (...) Item
Find: Library (blue, green, red), Inner Cells (blue, green), Forgotten Caves (red)
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