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Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Heart Heart (jpn) - Adventure [edit]
Partially restores your Life Line. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Flashingheart The Flashing Heart (jpn) - Adventure [edit]
Totally restores your Life Line. Item
Christopher Belmont 
1up 1 Up on the Count (1UP) - Adventure [edit]
Gives you an extra life to play with. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Crossgold Cross of Gold (Cross) - Adventure [edit]
Makes you invincible for a limited period of time. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Crystal TA The Crystal (jpn) - Adventure [edit]
Increases the power of your Mystic Whip. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Flashingcrystal The Flashing Crystal (jpn) - Adventure [edit]
Calls forth a Primary Evil. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Coin The Valuable Coin (Coin) - Adventure [edit]
Increases your point wealth. Item
Christopher Belmont 
Gb1-whip1 Mystic Whip (Short Whip) - Adventure [edit]
Your sole means of protection are your Mystic Whip and mindful wits. Whip
Christopher Belmont 
Attrib: 1 Attack
Find: Starts out with
Evolve: Morningstar upon obtaining a Crystal
Gb1 chain-whip Morningstar (Long and Powerful Whip) [alt] - Adventure [edit]
Locate 1 Crystal and your whip will lengthen, strengthen, and become an all-around super weapon against the super freaks. Whip
Christopher Belmont 
Evolve: Fire Balls upon obtaining a Crystal
Gb1 flame-whip Fire Balls - Adventure [edit]
Discover a second Crystal, and fireballs will spew forth, lighting up the enemy and the scoreboard. Your Mystic Whip can only be increased by a power of two. So if you find a third, fourth or one-thousandth crystal, they'll be nothing but worthless status symbols. Whip
Christopher Belmont 
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