Image Name Information
DX Jap Manual Richter
Richter Belmont
(Richter Belmondo)
Age : 19

Descendant of Simon Belmont and renowned vampire exterminator. Has a strong sense of justice and unwavering will.
Supporting cast
DX Jap Manual Annet
Age : 17

Richter's girlfriend. She was kidnapped by Dracula and is imprisoned somewhere within his evil castle.
DX Jap Manual Maria
Younger sister of Annet. She was kidnapped along with Annet, and is imprisoned somewhere within Dracula's castle. In this version, she's not a playable character when rescued.
DX Jap Manual Dracula
Age : ??? (believed to be about 800 years old)

Proprietor of the evil castle and origin of all wickedness in the world. Cruel and heartless, he at the same time possesses refinement and grace that would be expected only of nobility.
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