Item Data: Action Cards
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Mercury Mercury - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Has the potential of strength. Action Card
Drop: Bone Head (20%)
Effect: Alters Nathan's whip strength and element.
Venus Venus - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Has the potential of enhancement. Action Card
Drop: Slime (2.5%)
Effect: Raises Nathan's base statistics.
Jupiter Jupiter - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Jupiter, god of the heavens and the leader of Olympus. Has the potential of defense. Action Card
Drop: Heat Shade (2.2%)
Effect: Creates barriers of various elements.
Mars Mars - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Mars, god of war. Has the potential of change. Action Card
Drop: Bloody Sword (1.2%)
Effect: Alters Nathan's whip into other weapons.
Diana Diana - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Diana, goddess of the moon and hunting. Has the potential of creation. Action Card
Drop: Man Eater (1.5%)
Effect: Creates various projectiles thrown when Nathan swings his whip.
Apollo Apollo - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Apollo, god of the sun, music, and prophecy. Has the potential to create explosives. Action Card
Drop: Arch Demon (1.4%)
Effect: Gives Nathan various abilities usable with the combination [Down, Towards, Up] + B.
Neptune Neptune - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Neptune, god of the seas. Has the potential of healing. Action Card
Drop: Ice Armor (1.2%)
Effect: Makes Nathan take MP damage from elemental abilities, while recovering his HP
Saturn Saturn - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Saturn, god of agriculture and the father of Jupiter. Has the potential of a familiar. Action Card
Drop: Fallen Angel (1.2%)
Effect: Summons a familiar that follows Nathan. Most attack in tandem.
Uranus Uranus - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Uranus, former god of the heavens. Has the potential of summoning. Action Card
Drop: Scary Candle (0.6%)
Effect: Allows Nathan to summon the Attribute creatures with the combination [Down, Towards, Up] + B.
Pluto Pluto - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Pluto, god of the underworld. Has the potential of special. Action Card
Drop: Trick Candle (0.4%)
Effect: Bestows a number of strange and various effects on Nathan.
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