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|caption          = 
|name             = 
|japanese_name    = 
|alternate_name   = 
|role             = 
|species          = 
|gender           = 
|hometown         = 
|born             = 
|died             = 
|age              = 
|status           = 
|blood_type       = 
|affiliation      = 
|weapons          = 
|abilities        = 
|first_appearance = 
|appearances      = 
|family           = 
|partnerships     = 
|dialogue         = 
|english_voice    = 
|japanese_voice   = 
|theme            = 
|gallery          = 
|stuff1           = 
|stuff2           = 


Leave the parameter empty if not available (exceptions may occur).

  • image: The image of the character — the most recent apparition by this character should be used (not if this recent apparition is in a non-canon game).
  • caption: Description of the image (from which game is the artwork, etc.).
  • name: The general name of the character.
  • japanese_name: The Japanese name of the enemy (and its romaji translation).
  • alternate_name: The alternate name(s) this characters is known by.
  • role: The role this character performs in the media(s) they appear in, as well as type(s) and or categories they belong to.
  • species: The character's species (human, vampire, etc.)
  • gender: The character's gender (male, female, unknown, other).
  • hometown: The character's hometown (Transylvania, Wallachia, Japan, etc.)
  • born: The year or circa year this character was born. Leave blank if not available. Write "unknown" if the character is known to have been living from ancient times.
  • died: The year the character died. Only canonical and well established deaths should be added (i.e., not dying of age). Multiple dates are to be added if the character is known to have revived.
  • age: The last known age the character had when last seen.
  • status: The current status of the character (alive, deceased, missing, unknown, etc.). A character may have died at some point but resurrected afterward.
  • blood type: The character's official blood type if available.
  • affiliation: The character's known affiliation, cult, or party (The Church, The Agency, With Light, Followers of Darkness, etc.)
  • weapons: The character's most characteristic weapon(s).
  • abilities: Some of the character's main abilities (fire breathing, dark magic, etc.).
  • first_appearance: The character's first physical appearance in the series or mentioned appearance if only available, although the latter should be clearly stated.
  • appearances: Games the character appears in — if the list is too long, add: See [[{{PAGENAME}}#Appearances|list]] below.
  • family: The character's known family members. Each relationship should be stated within parentheses (wife, husband, son, etc.). Non-blood or non-adoptive relationships are accepted if close enough and if they add to the character's distinctive personality (love interest, close friend, childhood friend, etc.).
  • partnerships: Relationships the character has with other non-blood or non-adoptive characters, usually referring to the character's occupation and/or rank they have in relation with the other character (master, servant, colleague, etc.).
  • dialogue: Add "Yes" if a /Dialogue subpage exists for this character.
  • english_voice: The character's English voice actor(s).
  • japanese_voice: The character's Japanese voice actor(s).
  • motion_capture: The character's motion capture actor(s).
  • theme: The music themes this character is most associated with.
  • gallery: If there's a gallery, insert "Yes" in the field. If not, leave empty.
  • stuff1: Any link, page, or subpage relevant to this character which is not covered by any of the variables above.
  • stuff2: Any link, page, or subpage relevant to this character which is not covered by any of the variables above.
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