{{Infobox Enemy
|name      = 
|image     = 
|caption   = 
|jname     = 
|aname     = 
|abil      = 
|type      = 
|lore      = 
|eng voice = 
|jpn voice = 
|game      = 
|gallery   = 
|stuff1    = 
|stuff2    = 

Leave the parameter empty if not available (exceptions may occur)

  • name = The general name of the enemy.
  • image = The image of the character — the most recent apparition by this character should preferably be used (not if this recent apparition is in a non-canon game).
  • caption = Description of the image (from which game is the artwork, etc.).
  • jname = The Japanese name of the enemy (and its romaji translation).
  • aname = Any alternate names or translations of the enemy's name.
  • abil = Some of the enemy's main abilities (fire breathing, dark magic, etc.).
  • type = Type of the enemy (vampire, zombie, etc.).
  • lore = Origin of the enemy.
  • eng voice = English voice actor for this enemy (if available).
  • jpn voice = Japanese voice actor for this enemy (if available).
  • game = Games the enemy appears in — if the list is too long, add: See [[{{PAGENAME}}/Enemy Data|Enemy Data]].
  • gallery = If there's a gallery, type "Yes" in the field; if not, leave it empty.
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