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|name     = 
|game     = 
|image    = 
|caption  = 
|jname    = 
|enemy    = 
|boss     = 
|dialogue = 
|env      = 
|visited  = 
|music    = 
|previous = 
|next     = 
|gallery  = 

Leave the parameter empty if not available:

  • name: The name of the location.
  • game: Name of the game this location belongs to.
  • image: An image which represents the overall look of the location.
  • caption: A brief description of the image.
  • jname: The original Japanese name of the location.
  • enemy: If the Enemy Data of a page is small enough, then just link to the section with: [[PAGENAME#Enemy Data|Enemy Data]]. If the Enemy Data section is too big, then create a new subpage with: [[PAGENAME/Enemy Data|Enemy Data]]
  • boss: The name of the area boss (if any).
  • dialogue: Type "Yes" if there is a subpage with dialogue data.
  • env: Link to the proper environment page.
  • visited: Link to characters who can visit the locaion (N64 games only).
  • music: Link the main song page(s) that plays during the level. Do not include boss themes and similar unless really necessary.
  • previous:: Previous stage/location/chapter.
  • next: Next stage/location/chapter.
  • gallery: Type "Yes" if there is a gallery subpage.
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