This template creates a "row" in an Item Table. It should be in between an "Item Table Begin" and an "Item Table End" template.


{{Item Table Row
|name           = 
|index_name     = 
|image          = 
|alt_name       = 
|game           = 
|no             = 
|qty            = 
|type           = 
|user           = 
|description    = 
|stat           = 
|hands          = 
|attrib         = 
|effect         = 
|sequence       = 
|special        = 
|limit          = 
|consume        = 
|find           = 
|find_details   = 
|find_local     = 
|conditions     = 
|first_obtained = 
|drop           = 
|common         = 
|rare           = 
|bind           = 
|absorb         = 
|steal          = 
|guard          = 
|create         = 
|created_by     = 
|evolve         = 
|reward         = 
|notes          = 
|buy            = 
|sell           = 
|points         = 
|alt_japan      = 
|non_us         = 
|rarity         = 
|source         = 
|displayno      = {{{1|}}}
|tabletype      = {{{2|item}}}


  • name: Name of the object (this name is index-able in data tables when the double brackets are removed).
  • index_name: Name of the object that can be indexed (used when name has a redirect in it).
  • image: An image of the item (should be a sprite if possible, a screen shot if not. Artwork should not be used here).
  • alt_name: Alternate name for the object.
  • game: The game the item is from.
  • no:
  • qty:
  • type: The type of item it is (sub-types can appear in parentheses).
  • user:
  • description: The official description for the item.
  • stat: A list of statistics that the item has.
  • hands:
  • attrib: A list of attributes the item has (fire, slash, etc.).
  • effect: A short description of the effect the item has.
  • sequence: Command sequence for using.
  • special: A special effect/ability/attack that this item has in addition to its normal effect/ability/attack.
  • limit: Limit to how this item can be used, its duration, or other limits placed on its effect.
  • consume: How much hearts, mp, or other quantity that usage of this item consumes.
  • find: The location that this item is found in.
  • find_details: More specific instructions on where to find it (appears as hover text).
  • find_local: Used for location pages. This text overrides the default "find" when specified (allowing more details to be given relevant to the local page the row appears on). Using find_local causes the default "find" text to appear in a hover text over the word "all".
  • conditions: Condition required to obtain the item.
  • first_obtained:
  • drop: What enemies drop this item.
  • common: What enemies have this item as common (usually top item) drop. Apply only for enemies that have top and bottom item.
  • rare: What enemies have this item as rare (usually bottom item) drop. Apply only for enemies that have top and bottom item.
  • bind:
  • absorb:
  • steal: What enemies this can be stolen from (used for Hector and Shanoa).
  • guard: An enemy that is guarding its location.
  • create: Materials needed to create this item.
  • created_by:
  • evolve: What this item can evolve to or how far it can level up.
  • reward:
  • notes:
  • buy: How much gold/experience this can be purchased for.
  • sell: How much gold this can be sold for.
  • points:
  • alt_japan: Literal Japanese name using Japanese characters or romanization. If the translated name is identical to the English name, the translated name can go here too to emphasize it is the same name but conserve space.
  • non_us: Non-us name (usually a Japanese name translated into English, use only if it is different than the English name).
  • rarity:
  • source:
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