Item Data: Count Dracula's Missing Pieces
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
The Nail Icon The Nail - Simon's Quest [edit]
The nail is the symbol of evil power. Simon Belmont  Find: Bodley Mansion
Effect: Allows the player to destroy certain blocks with the whip
The Eyeball Icon The Eyeball - Simon's Quest [edit]
When it comes to the most frightening piece, the eyes have it. Simon Belmont  Find: Brahm's Mansion
Effect: Allows the player to see items hidden inside of breakable blocks
The Rib Bone Icon The Rib Bone - Simon's Quest [edit]
The rib bone will make the ordinary hero feel like a spineless coward. Simon Belmont  Find: Berkeley Mansion
Effect: Grants a shield when standing still that repels most projectiles
The Ring Icon The Ring - Simon's Quest [edit]
It's been in the Count's family for hundreds of years. Then again, the Count's also been in his family for hundreds of years. Simon Belmont  Find: Laruba Mansion
Effect: Opens the entrance to Dracula's Castle (along with the Cross)
The Heart of Dracula Icon The Heart of Dracula - Simon's Quest [edit]
Watch out! The heart attacks. Simon Belmont  Find: Rover Mansion
Effect: Allows the Ferryman at Dead River to take the player to Brahm's Mansion
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