Item Data: Magic Weapons
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
The Dagger Icon The Dagger (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
The dagger can be thrown to kill distant enemy creatures. Simon Belmont  Consume: none  Buy: 50 Hearts Find: Veros
The Silver Knife Icon The Silver Knife (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
The Silver Knife can be thrown farther than the dagger. Simon Belmont  Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Camilla Cemetery
Drop: Gypsy
The Gold Knife Icon The Gold Knife (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
This is your strongest knife, and it has a mysterious power. Simon Belmont  Consume: 2 Hearts  Drop: Death
The Oak Stake Icon The Oak Stake (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
You'll need the Oak Stake to collect Dracula's corpse at the mansions. Simon Belmont  Buy: 50 Hearts Find: Berkeley, Bodley, Brahm's, Laruba and Rover Mansions (...)
Sacred Flame Icon Sacred Flame (Fire) [alt] - Simon's Quest [edit]
The flame weakens the creatures' evil powers. Simon Belmont  Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Dabi's Path (...)
The Leather Whip Icon The Leather Whip (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
This is the weapon you begin the game with. Whip
Simon Belmont 
Attrib: 1 Attack
Find: Starts out with
The Thorn Whip Icon The Thorn Whip (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
The Thorn Whip is stronger than the Leather Whip. Simon Belmont  Buy: 100 Hearts Find: Jova
The Chain Whip Icon The Chain Whip (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
The Chain Whip is stronger than the Thorn Whip. Simon Belmont  Buy: 150 Hearts Find: Veros
The Morning Star Icon The Morning Star (Fundo Whip) - Simon's Quest [edit]
The Morning Star is stronger than the Chain Whip. Simon Belmont  Attrib: 8 Attack
Consume: Current whip 
Buy: 200 Hearts Find: Oldon
Evolve: Flame Whip
The Flame Whip Icon The Flame Whip (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
Magic changes the Morning Star into the Flame Whip and gives it mysterious powers. Simon Belmont  Attrib: 16 Attack
Consume: Morning Star 
Find: Uta Lower Road (...)
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