This template begins a song table and generates the table header rows. Its first argument is the name of the song table (such as a song's name, a sound track's name, or a game's name). Setting the style argument to "collapsed" will start the table in a collapsed state. New rows for the table should use the "Song Table Row" template, and the table should be closed with the "Song Table End" template.

{{Song Table Begin|<title>|(style = ... )|(source = ...)}}
<series of Song Table Row and Song Table Divider templates>
{{Song Table End}}

title (first argument):  the title of this table
style (optional): collapsed (table will start out in a collapsed state) 
                  popout (default, has icon that enables full-width popout view)
source (optional): the name of a template that is the source of most of this table's data.  
                   clicking on the "edit" link will take you to that template's page. 

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