This template creates a "row" in an Song Table. It should be in between an "Song Table Begin" and an "Song Table End" template.


{{Song Table Row
|name       = 
|image      = 
|aname      = 
|jap        = 
|game       = 
|track      = 
|usage      = 
|composer   = 
|soundtrack = 
|notes      = 
|links      = 


  • name: Name of the song.
  • image: An image representative of the song. Can be the cover of the soundtrack this song originally appeared in (or its most representative), an image of the stage where the song is used as a background, or a cover image for the game it is from. The image's width preferably should be 100px (or any other size that fits the field well without distorting the whole table).
  • aname: Known alternate name(s) for this song.
  • jap: The original Japanese name for this song. Preferably first in kanji and followed by its romanization if available.
  • game: Which game this specific version of the song appears in.
  • track: Track number in the aforementioned soundtrack.
  • usage: Which stage is the song used in or under what circumstances is it used.
  • composer: Name of the original composer of this song.
  • soundtrack: Which soundtrack this specific version of the song has appeared in.
  • notes: Anything else noteworthy about this specific version of the song.
  • links: External links to where the song can be listened to.
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