The Tengu Mask is a mask modeled after a Japanese tree dwelling creature, often appearing in Noh plays.

Game specific information

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Can be created by combining a Face Guard with a Spirit of Fuji, which increases the Defense boost from +3 to +5. The Tengu Mask gives 1 more Defense than the Corinthian Helmet, but 3 less than the Thracian Helmet (needs Sun Tears) you will likely already have by the time you gain the Jade needed to make the Stone Mask needed to make the Face Guard. It can be evolved into a Topknot by combining it with a Nodachi. The Top Knot only gives +1 DEF, but can be evolved to a Masakado's Helm. The Tengu Mask is essentially one of a series of worthless items that needs to be made before you can evolve a Stone Mask (DEF, +2 STR, +5 CON +5, LCK -5) to a Masakado's Helm (DEF +15, STR +10, CON +10, LCK -10).

Castlevania Judgment

This game features two types of these masks: the Tengu Mask and the Spirit Mask. They are face accessories that can be equipped to customize the appearance of a character.

Item Data

Item Data: Tengu Mask
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Tengu Mask Tengu Mask - Curse of Darkness [edit]
The mask of a spirit native to a Far East island. Often appears in traditional Noh plays. Helmet
DEF +5
Sell: $25 
Create: Face Guard + Spirit of Fuji
Tengu Mask (Judgment) Tengu Mask - Judgment [edit]
A mask modeled after a tree-dwelling creature of the Far East said to control the power of the wind. Head Gear
Find: Get ??? wins in Survival Mode.
Spirit Mask Spirit Mask - Judgment [edit]
A mask in the image of a flying creature from the Far East said to be skilled in the ways of the sword. Head Gear
Find: Beat 8:30 Time in Arcade Mode.


Plague Doctor - 01

Common costume of a plague doctor (engraving from 1656).

  • In Castlevania Judgment, instead of a traditional long-nosed, demon-faced facade characteristic of the tengu mask, both the Tengu and Spirit Masks instead appear to be based off the Venetian "plague doctor" mask.
    • This type of mask can also be seen worn by Paranoia.
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