The Tetra Spirits spell works in a similar way as Summon Spirit, although it summons four spirits instead and do a little bit more damage.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Tetra Spirit
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Spells Icon Tetra Spirit (jpn) [alt] - Symphony of the Night [edit]
Summons four spirits Spell (Summon)
Attrib: Hit
Consume: 20 MP 
ATT +15
Buy: $8,000 Find: Use or purchase Magic Scroll 4.
Sequence: (Hold) ↑, ↗→↘↓ + [ATTACK]
Dark Magic HD Icon Tetra Spirit - Harmony of Despair [edit]
Call forth four spirits at once. Dark Magic
Consume: 30 MP  ATK +5
Rarity: ***
Find: Found on Ch.4 Purple Chests (Hard)
Drop: Brauner (Normal)

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