Arikado Genya

Genya Arikado, member of a top-secret Japanese government agency.

An unnamed, secret Japanese government agency that deals with the paranormal and national defense. Genya Arikado has a high position within this agency and has many underlings in his employ. They likely had a role in the sealing of Dracula's Castle inside an eclipse in 1999 and have had Arikado keep close tabs on the shrine that accomplished this.

In order to prevent Soma Cruz from potentially becoming the next Dark Lord, they kept his dear friend, Mina Hakuba, safe while Soma battled Celia Fortner's cult at their headquarters. Their efforts were circumvented, however, when Celia decided to use a doppelganger in Mina's place, whose apparent death had the same effect on Soma and almost made him become the next Dark Lord.

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