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"It's time to give this place back to the people who know how to build things. You and me, we're just killers out of history. It's time for us to go."
Trevor Belmont

The Endings is the ninth episode of the fourth season, and the 31st episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Belmont and Sypha join forces with their old friend Alucard – and not a moment too soon. As the battle rages, Varney reveals his true form.


Dracula's castle

As a horde of monsters invades Alucard's home, he stands and fights them back alongside Greta and all who would take up arms beside them. The refugees try to move to safety while others fight for their lives. Alucard and Greta have their hands full with their own adversaries until Trevor and Sypha suddenly arrive to support him.

Reunited at last, the trio stands together. Alucard explains the situation to them and acts as if he's not happy to see Trevor. Together, the three of them leap onto the battlefield and change the tide of the fighting completely. Trevor uses his new cross-knife weapon alongside the Morning Star whip. Alucard and Sypha don't miss a beat alongside him, as if they haven't spent any time apart at all.

Next, they're faced with Dragan's firebreathing monster. Sypha holds back its flames while Alucard shapeshifts into wolf form in order to flank it. Before the beast can unleash another attack, Trevor cuts off its face, and it explodes. Next, the three fighters split up and spread out through the castle to rescue as many people as possible.

With the trio present to defend them, the refugees are kept safe from the invading vampires and night creatures. Sypha deals with the monsters at the entrance while Trevor heads through corridors into several rooms saving anyone he can find and killing any enemy he encounters. Alucard does the same and encounters a viking vampire with the ability to teleport to the location of his axes. The vampire gives Alucard some trouble but eventually succumbs to his magic sword when Alucard anticipates his teleportation path.

Meanwhile, Saint Germain continues to lead the souls of the damned into the portal of the Infinite Corridor. Dragan and his group of female vampires head toward Saint Germain and Varney with the Rebis's vessel completed. Dragan is unhappy to see Saint Germain, but his group leaves to fight after completing their task. As the time approaches, Saint Germain asks Varney to help with the final steps of their plan.

Suddenly, Varney reveals that he's actually the Alchemist in disguise. Not only that but he's actually been Death portraying them both. Dracula was prepared to end all life on Earth, which would give the Death spirit infinite power. This potential was taken away from Death when Alucard killed Dracula. Death needs Saint Germain to return Dracula to life, fusing his soul with his wife's to drive them both mad. Death's intention is to use Dracula and Lisa's maddened state within the Rebis to bring human demise on an unimaginable scale. He forces Saint Germain to open the portal into Hell, forcing Dracula and Lisa out.

Greta, Alucard, Sypha, and Trevor complete their battles and round up all the survivors. While Greta finds out how many people she lost, Alucard leads his friends upstairs to confront Saint Germain once and for all. However, the trio is confronted by Dragan and his team of necromancer vampires on their way there. They are incredibly skilled and provide far more of a challenge than any of the enemies before them. The trio eventually realizes that their matchups are not preferable in one-on-one scenarios. Alucard is nearly staked, Trevor loses his normal whip, and Sypha is caught in a restrictive magic field.

Trevor throws his cross-knife to free Sypha, allowing her to do the same for Alucard. With his enemy out of the way, Alucard teams with Trevor to finish off the final two. Dragan is forced to confront them himself and duels the trio three-on-one. Dragan proves to be exceptionally strong, lasting quite a while against all three of the monster-slaying experts. Once Dragan is slain, Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha move to confront Death and Saint Germain.

Death keeps them out of the room with a force field, and Trevor recognizes Death. He surmises that Death was Varney acting within Dracula's court. Saint Germain initiates the horrific ritual and traps Dracula and Lisa's souls inside the Rebis vessel. Trevor breaks through the force field, and Saint Germain decides to go back against his decision. He places the portal behind the Rebis and signals Trevor to attack, successfully splitting them back up.

The explosion from the diffusion leads Trevor and Saint Germain outside. The cross-knife breaks, and a piece of it lands in Saint Germain's chest. He sees his love disappear in the Infinite Corridor before passing away. Death consumes the key he gave Saint Germain to open the Infinite Corridor, making himself far more powerful and capable of fighting.

Trevor stands up and notices Sypha on a platform below. Knowing only one way to stop Death, Trevor prepares to sacrifice himself and says goodbye to Sypha. He professes his love for her before charging into his final battle. The last son of House Belmont decides its time for the killers to go and for new creators to take their place. Death doesn't believe Trevor can make him, but that doesn't stop the hunter from trying. The two of them engage in an epic battle where initially all appears hopeless for Trevor.

Trevor is nearly defeated, but he refuses to give up and uses the full power of the Morning Star whip to stage his counterattack. After injuring Death, he's forced to leave the whip behind and prepares the magic knife he found in the underground court, connecting all of its pieces until it activates. Before Death can recover from Trevor's previous attack, Trevor ends it all by stabbing Death in the face, seemingly sacrificing his life to the illuminating magic as it engulfs the entire castle.



Trevor: Evening.
Alucard: As if my day wasn't going badly enough. It's Trevor Belmont.
Sypha: You don't seem to be doing very well. What are we looking at?
Alucard: Vampires and night creatures trying to kill a castle full of human refugees, and a madman upstairs.
Trevor: Shall we?
Trevor: Nice to see you. You were saying something about a madman upstairs?
Alucard: A little **** by the name of Saint Germain.
Trevor: I love you.
Sypha: Trevor. I know.
Trevor: You'd better know. Just remember: Trefor is a terrible name.
Trevor: Oi, Death. I want a word with you.
Death: You know me?
Trevor: I'm Trevor Belmont of House Belmont. Of course I know you. Finding things and recognizing things is what we do. And you are absolutely a thing.
Death: I was put here at the dawn of life on Earth to feed on the last breath of every one of you ***. I'm a little more than a thing.
Trevor: No. You're only a thing. You're only an old killer. You don't make anything. You don't live. You just eat and hide.
Death: Is there a point to this? Are you dictating your *** obituary to me, Belmont?
Trevor: It's time to give this place back to people who know how to build things. You and me, we're just killers out of history. It's time for us to go
Death: And who's going to make me go? You, with string in your hand?
Trevor: Probably not. But let's just give this one last go. Shall we?