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"It's the harvest. I just didn't see it."
Sypha Belnades

The Harvest is the ninth episode of the third season, and the 21st episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Night falls on Lindenfeld and all manner of hell breaks loose. Also, Isaac meets the Magician, Hector makes a pledge, and Sumi and Taka make a move.



It's sundown, and the people of Lindenfeld are indoors enjoying perhaps their last supper. And for some, it indeed is. The houses that bear the ominous carving combust into flames. Their blood-curdling screams can be heard throughout the small village.

The monks and men-at-arms suffer significant losses despite Trevor and Sypha's help. Saint Germain is paralyzed with fear at the sight of the gruesome battle scene. If it weren't for the young Speaker, Saint Germain would have experienced a knife in the throat. To keep him safe, Sypha creates a floating ice barrier around the frightened aristocrat.

Sala is amazed by the gulf flames circulating on the basement's floor, which penetrates the Visitor. The situation becomes even direr when a creature with wings at its face steps out of a portal.

Countless winged night creatures come out of the church, killing indiscriminately. Trevor, Sypha and Saint Germain manage to enter the church, but not before encountering the beast that came out of the portal. Trevor and Sypha have their work cut out for them; and to top it all, there are two of them. Luckily, they manage to kill them both - Sypha with her cryokinesis and Trevor with his Vampire Killer in Morning Star form.

The Visitor opens up a portal, revealing Dracula holding his wife, Lisa.

Carmilla's Castle[]

Hector lies on top of Lenore, kissing and caressing each other; eventually, leading to sex. In the heat of their passion, Hector gives in to Lenore and vows loyalty to her. In his stupor, the vampire slips a mystical ring on his finger; now, binding him and his last words to her.

Magician's Spire and city in Wallachia[]

Isaac watches a tower with a green light emanating out of it. The green light is controlling countless people, forced to build an unknown structure. As Miranda mentioned, this town has sufficient bodies to create an army of night creatures. However, the slaves start to fight back, making it much more difficult for the forgemaster.

Isaac wants to put an end to this and heads toward the source, the tower with the green light. However, the night creatures are no match to the countless human bodies being dropped from the sky. Not until Isaac summons a giant night creature, thus balancing the odds. Even so, Isaac barely manages to enter the tower and go up the stairs. Finally, he makes it to the only room where he finds the Magician, but before Isaac can deliver a blow, the man traps him in the green light. The forgemaster struggles against the light and eventually frees himself. Without any hesitation, he kills the man. Countless bodies, now freed from the Magician's control, fall onto the ground.

Dracula's Castle[]

Alucard can't sleep. Taka and Sumi walk into his chamber; he's surprised to see them. However, the duo soothes his worries, and the three of them engage in copulation. But the vampire hunters have other ideas in mind. The pair use magical bindings to hold Alucard down.



(As the sun sets in Lindenfeld, a family has set the table with dinner served. They sit down to say grace. The sun's disappearance caused a rune carved into their house to glow a bright orange color and emit sparks. The house goes up in flames and the family perishes. The fire molds into a spiral and moves toward the hole in the priory's roof as if it is a snake slithering in the sky. It carries the souls of the perished toward the basement for the Visitor to feed upon. More houses in the village are set on fire and the flames above the priory fuse into one. The approaching army of knights, accompanied by Trevor, Sypha, the Judge, and Saint Germain witness the ritual in horror and could do nothing but watch. The villagers' screams fill their surroundings.)

- Judge: (terrified) Oh, my God. How are they doing that? Are they out there setting fires?
- Sypha: No. It's the harvest. I just didn't see it.
- Judge: And I waited until everyone was back in their homes. (The group hears an explosion coming from behind them.)
- Trevor: Oh! (Sypha gasps. Another building has been set ablaze.)
- Sypha: (frantically) We have to get in there.
- Judge: (turns to the knights and points toward the priory's entrance.) Take it! Take the priory, now!

(The battalion charges toward the entrance with their weapons at ready. Trevor removes his cloak and eagerly pulls out his knife. The doors immediately open and they are greeted by a swarm of angry monks armed by axes and swords.)

Alucard: Sleep, you idiot. I should get a coffin to sleep in.
Lenore: Will you come with me?
Hector: Yes.
Lenore: Be mine.
Hector: Yes. Yes.
Lenore: Tell me you're mine.
Hector: I'm yours.
Lenore: Tell me you belong to me.
Hector: Yes. I belong to you.
Lenore: Be loyal to me. Please.
Hector: Yes. Yes.
Lenore: Say it. (panting) Please. Please, Hector.
Hector: I'll be loyal to you.
Sala: What the *** is that?