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The Pinnacle is a location in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.


The climax of the castle's areas. Snow may fall here as it does in the Lost Village, and there are grand views of multiple towers and a mountain range. At the top is the throne room which has been prepared for the Dark Lord's return. If one looks carefully at the area with the three Dead Warriors, one can see the Dark Chapel, the Clock Tower, and far in the distance is the Condemned Tower on a small island. The sea that divides the mainland and the Condemned Tower houses the Subterranean Hell.

The Pinnacle connects to the Cursed Clock Tower and the Demon Guest House.

When the player reaches the second boss fight with Dario, they will need to look closely at the mirror which contains Aguni, the fire demon whom Dario gets his power from. It is trivial to get Paranoia's soul to breach the mirror and fight Aguni.



  • Interestingly, both of the rooms leading to either the Cursed Clock Tower or the Demon Guest House, feature Succubi enemies disguised as Yoko Belnades. One encounter is in the room with the door leading to the Cursed Clock Tower, while nine of them (all in Yoko's form) appear in the room leading to the Demon Guest House.
  • The throne room design in The Pinnacle was reused for the final area of The Abyss in Julius Mode, with the only difference being that the mirror in the Pinnacle is replaced with a life-sized portrait of a man who was presumably Mathias Cronqvist.

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