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"So, that's my plan. Take over a long enclosure of land, surround it, rule over it like the empresses of old, and drink all the humans forever. Brilliant, isn't it?"

The Reparation of My Heart is the second episode of the third season, and the 14th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Isaac gets some unexpected help in his search for Hector. Meanwhile, Carmilla plots a land grab and Alucard meets some fans.



People are screaming, running away from a horde of night creatures led by Isaac. Dracula's former general enters a shop owned by an old blind man. He's seeking a large Carpathian transmission mirror. However, the shop owner doesn't have it anymore; he sold it to a couple from Kolkata. Nevertheless, he does have something else that picked Isaac's interest, a distance mirror. It reveals the holder's wish, which in Isaac's case is Hector's location, Carmilla's Castle.

Just about Isaac is about to leave the city –by boat–, the local authorities trap him and demand that he leaves. And although Isaac tries to leave peacefully, the local men leave him no choice but to unleash his wrath. The screams of the dead can be heard all over the city. Isaac arrives at the dock and asks the Captain to take him and his creatures to Genoa.

Carmilla's Castle[]

Carmilla shares her plans for the future with her sisters. She lays down a map of Eastern Europe. That part of the region has been fractured and devastated by Dracula's actions. If they march from their home to Braila, there will be nothing –no real power structures or organization– standing in their way.

Consequently, enclosing that area with all the humans in it, making it their personal pen for livestock. And with Hector's skills, they will have enough night creatures to get and keep control of the region. However, Morana brings up an important matter: Hector wouldn't forge the creatures for Carmilla after the way she treated him, and Striga points out that night creatures are loyal to their Forgemasters, which would give Hector an opportunity to build his own army against them. As such, Lenore volunteers to convince Hector to do their bidding.


The following morning, Sypha and Trevor are in bed together. Trevor takes a walk around town, where he meets Saint Germain. The former immediately recognizes Trevor as a member of the Belmonts. And the monks of the Priory have also taken an interest in the last remaining Belmont.

Saint Germain wants to join the monks. However, their leader, Sala, doesn't believe Saint Germain's intentions are pure. But, when Saint Germain reveals his scribal skills and knowledge of Dracula –which are in a language that Sala doesn't understand– the leader of the monks grants Saint Germain limited access to the Priory.

Belmont Hold[]

While collecting water from a nearby ravine, Alucard senses the presence of two people, Taka and Sumi, vampire hunters. However, they are not here to hunt Dracula's son, but to talk to him and ask him for help. The hunting partners were Chō's former slaves in her court in Japan. The duo wants Alucard to teach them to fight the vampires and free their people. Alucard accepts.



Isaac: (looks toward his army) Wait. (walks into the shop.) In peace. (Two of the night creatures guard the entrance.)
Carmilla: I have it!
Morana: What do you have?
Carmilla: The future.
Striga: Oh, I can't wait for this. She's been home for five minutes and she's already carrying the future rolled up under her arm.
Lenore: The future does seem very portable.
Morana: Well it's the future, isn't it? You can't see it yet, so I suppose it can't weigh very much.
Carmilla: Your comedy act hasn't improved while I've been away.
Trevor: (sniffs and notices a baker place freshly prepared rolls on a stand.) Mmm. (approaches the baker.) Those smell so good. Can I take two?
Saint Germain: (flips a silver coin toward the baker’s upper arm.) Those are on me. (The baker scowls at him, though he pays no mind and turns to warmly greet Trevor.) Mister Belmont! (laughing) My, my, what a formidable beast you are. (takes the two rolls.)
Trevor: (confused) Excuse me?
Saint Germain: (cheerfully) You’re excused. I recognize, of course, the crest of the noble house of Belmont upon your fine tunic. Oh. Well, this fine tunic that has, in fact, seen better days, hasn’t it? Perhaps one of these local artisans might conduct some discreet repairs upon it, and perhaps even introduce it to the apparent mysteries of soap and water.
Trevor: (skeptically) Uh, who the hell are you?
Saint Germain: Indeed! Hell! These are the conversations we must have. But first… (places the rolls in Trevor’s palms.) allow me to formally introduce myself. I am the Count Saint Germain. Doubtless your family told you stories about me.
Trevor: Uh, my family were a little too dead to tell me many stories.
Saint Germain: Oh. Of course. The purge. Great sympathies. Terrible crime. (shrugs) Well, I knew your family, and your family’s sacred role in this country. I was curious as to what brought you to remote Lindenfeld. And such an entrance! Dragging a dead night creature behind your simple wagon. A flourish worthy of the royal courts of Europe. (pokes Trevor’s upper chest.) You are practically the Jesus of murder.
Trevor: (slightly cross) I have no idea what’s happening right now.
Saint Germain: Why are you here, Belmont?
Trevor: What business is that of yours?
Saint Germain: That remains to be seen.
Trevor: (blinks) I’m taking breakfast back to my partner. Thanks for paying.
Saint Germain: Uh—
Trevor: (closes his eyes and sticks his top finger up.) No. (Saint Germain watches him leave briefly before his eye catches Sala and the monks of the Priory.)
Alucard: If I wanted him dead. I would have aimed higher. If he wants to continue living, he should stop right there.