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"You're mine now, forgemaster. You have nothing left but me."

The River is the sixth episode of the second season, and the 10th episode overall, of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Another city is about to fall to Dracula's castle, and Dracula himself may be about to fall, at the hand of someone he thought was on his side.


Belmont Estate, 1476[]

Hector's night creatures attempt to breach the magical door to the library. Below, Trevor prepares to defend the entrance while Sypha completes the locking spell. Alucard works on the distance mirror in order to find Dracula's Castle. Above, the night creatures eventually break through the magical barrier and begin their descent.

Dracula's Castle[]

Dracula teleports his castle into the middle of Braila, causing destruction and panic in the townsfolk. His generals prepare to lead the night creatures into the city.

Belmont Estate[]

Trevor begins to fight off the night creature force, battling a huge demon that destroys the stairwell leading up from the library. Using the Morning Star, Trevor lands on its back and attempts to cut off its head before being thrown clear. He then uses the sword to open a wound on the creature's heel that drains its blood and kills it.


Hector and Carmilla leave the castle with a shackled and resurrected Bishop in their charge. At the main entrance, Dracula's generals lead their armies as they march out into Braila. At the river, Carmilla instructs the Bishop to bless the river and consecrate it into holy water. The generals cross a bridge across the river and find that their way is blocked by another vampire force under Carmilla's command. At their commander's signal, huge chains pull the foundations of the bridge out from under Dracula's forces, dropping a large portion of his force into the now blessed river. Those unlucky enough to touch the water are quickly killed. The generals retreat to the castle.

Belmont Estate[]

Trevor continues to defend the entrance against the night creatures. He uses the Morning Star to kill a firedrake, and the resulting explosion destroys much of the night creatures' forces. Trevor then fights other demons in single combat before killing them.


The consecration of the river kills the reanimated Bishop. Carmilla's forces span the river with bridges prepared for the occasion, allowing her forces to cross and attack Dracula's castle. Carmilla tells Hector to follow her, but he is initially confused until the vampire points out that he cannot return to the castle after betraying Dracula. Carmilla tells him that he has nowhere else to go and that Hector is effectively hers now.

Belmont Estate[]

Sypha finds the final component to make the locking spell work. Making sure that Alucard has the castle in the distance mirror, Sypha begins the spell to bring Dracula's castle to the Belmont Estate.

Dracula's Castle[]

Carmilla's forces assault the castle, hammering at the door with a battering ram. Once inside, the two armies engage in fierce combat. Isaac reports on the invasion to Dracula who recognizes the livery of the attacking soldiers to be that of Styria and realizes that Carmilla has betrayed him. Dracula resolves not to let anyone take the castle from him.

Belmont Estate[]

Sypha's spell attempts to move the castle, but she finds that she is fighting against the castle itself. Alucard tells her about the engine that powers the castle. The last demon tries to get to Sypha and Alucard, but Trevor kills it with a single stroke of the Morning Star.

Dracula's Castle[]

Dracula prepares to enter battle but stops when he realizes that magic is afoot in the castle. Sypha's spell begins to transport the castle around Braila, including into the river itself. The consecrated water displaces from the river and flows through the town. The water kills a large portion of Carmilla's forces in the city, and she is forced to save herself and Hector from the flood. Inside the castle, the water flows through the hallways and kills soldiers from both Dracula's and Carmilla's forces. The castle finally disappears as Carmilla and Hector look on in astonishment. Recovering first, Carmilla asks, "what the *** just happened?"

Belmont Estate[]

Dracula's castle is transported to above the Belmont library. She realizes that she has just moved a large castle onto the ground above a vast underground space probably held up by wood and dirt. Sypha suggests they head topside.



Alucard: Come on, Belmont. Time to choose. You either the last son of a warrior dynasty or a lucky drunk. Which is it?
(Hector and Carmilla watch the reanimated Bishop kneel on his knees in the river.)
Carmilla: Bless the river, Bishop. Make the water holy.
(The carcass stands up and recites a prayer. In the process, he drops his cross in the water and his body bursts into blue flames.)
Trevor: When you get back to whatever steaming underworld *** you came from, you tell them there are still Belmonts up here.
Dracula: Nobody takes my castle from me.
(Dracula's castle disappears from Braila.)
Carmilla: What the *** just happened?
Sypha: I did it!
Alucard: Where did you land the castle, Sypha?
Sypha: Right on top of us!
(The roof creaks. Alucard gives her a look.)
Sypha: ...Oh, yes. I landed it on the surface, right above this underground space that's probably only held up by wood and dirt. Let's go!