Thrashard In The Cave is a music theme originally composed by Konami Kukeiha Club and Sota Fujimori for Castlevania Chronicles. It is the background theme for the Underground Aqueduct.


Song Data: Thrashard In The Cave
Image Track No. / Name (Japanese Name) Game / Soundtrack Composer Usage Notes / Links
Chroniclesost 7 (CD 1). Thrashard In The Cave Castlevania Chronicles /  Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajō Dracula Original Soundtrack
Konami Kukeiha Club

Sota Fujimori 

Underground Aqueduct Links: YouTube (YM2151)

YouTube (CM-64)
YouTube (SC-55)
Youtube (Arranged)

Dracula battle2 perfect selection front 7. Thrashard in the Cave  /  Perfect Selection Dracula Battle II
Konami Kukeiha Club (composer)

Naoto Shibata (arranger) 

Notes: Rock/metal version
Links: YouTube
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