• I hope you're right about the 450 HP increase in the Emperor Ring page. Unfortunately I can't check it myself because I won't be able to get another copy of the game anytime soon.

    What I did is check how much HP a High Potion restores in Order of Ecclesia (200 HP) and, like you said, increase it TO 125% (250 HP), not BY 125 % (450 HP). It's fixed now, though.


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    • I can at least understand why someone would think that, though. Konami has done the reverse with a couple souls in Aria of Sorrow, in particular, the Erinys and Great Armor souls. These are stated to 'increase EXP earned by 120%' and 'increase STR by 120%', respectively, though the actual effects prove that this is not the case, rather the bonuses increasing said values to 120% of what they normally are.

      As for Order of Ecclesia, I'm not just putting up miserable piles of worthless junk. This has been seen from actually playing the game. If it were that way, I don't think the edits that I've done for the Justice Ring would have stayed either.

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