• Hello.

    I wanted to ask something. I had the idea that the Death Ring in Order of Ecclesia would undoubtely kill you in one hit, no matter what. I always play on NORMAL mode, and very rarely play other modes or Boss Rush modes in any Castlevania game.

    What makes it more confusing is that the game's description of that items literally says: "Hit may cause instant death", even if you always die when taking a hit (as far as I know).

    Is there any way to survive a hit when wearing the ring?

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    • Can't really say for sure on that one, as I haven't tested wearing the Death Ring yet. I CAN safely say, though, that going in Hard lv. cap 1, its not a bad idea if you're going without Life Vessels, as you're dead quick anyway if you can't dodge

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    • I'm gonna assume it kills you in one hit always. I'll make the edition later.


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