• Hi, Kevz:

    Just a little heads up. Since we never came up with a manual of style for the site, most users contribute with their own ideas, and if they catch up, somehow are accepted as the format most users will follow. However, there are some ideas that because of their frequent usage have become more or less a staple here, and I thought you might find interesting these few tips I'll list next. I'll try my best not to make you read long articles, but some of them are just written that way. However, you may find them interesting and enjoyable as long as you red them one at a time:

    Naming conventions

    1. Naming Conventions - To know the proper names items, enemies, etc. should be named.
    2. List of Damage Types by Game - To know how each attribute or element is referred to in each game.

    Files and Images

    Underscores should always be removed from files' names (mainly images), and the syntax: [[File:NAME.png]] should always be used over [[Image:NAME.png]].

    For example, instead of leaving an image as:

 should change it to:

    [[File:Celia Cruz is the daughter of Celia Fortner and Soma Cruz.png]]

    Writing Articles

    You should avoid using the second person while writing an article. This means basically trying not to use the term "you", and keep your text as informal as possible.


    Most galleries and sections should be arranged in the order each title was released. Be sure to check this link for a list of most games and the year they were released:

    And as for the order sections are arranged within each article, I always follow this arrangement:

    • [Head Quote]
    • [Summary]
    • Origins
    • General Information (Description, Overview, Background)
    • Game Description (In-Game Description)
    • Appearances (Game Specific Information)
    • Quotes
    • Enemy Data
    • Soul Data
    • Item Data
    • Additional Information (Notes)
    • Gallery
    • Videos (External Videos)
    • Background Music (Music)
    • Trivia
    • Related Locations
    • Related Products
    • See also
    • References
    • External Links
    Note: Titles in parentheses are alternative names for that section, if they fit better.

    Hope I was of any help. Keep up the good work!

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    • Now I know how to properly name the image files that I would upload next time. As well as avoiding the term "you" in writing gameplay tips. Thanks for the heads-up!

      The thing that I am focused on doing on this wiki as of now is to complete the templates for the Order of Ecclesia Inventory. The accessories and back glyphs are the only ones unfinished (as I have already completed the head/body/legs, you might want to check them out for errors, or improper syntax). After this, I would add the OoE info to the individual items.

      I have skipped the maintenance for the individual pages of the Innocent Devils for now, since I do not know what template to copy in creating both the I.D. Infobox and the I.D. Ability templates..

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    • Infobox Innocent Devil - 01

      Yeah, I know... :P

      I also tried to make the Innocent Devils' infobox, taking the Infobox Location template as reference. Unfortunately, I'm CSS impaired and couldn't make it look the way I wanted to. However, I'd suggest you hang on to it, because our bureaucrat is currently on a job trip and he won't be back until September. He's the one who normally manages all infoboxes.

      Here's a rough (quite rough indeed) idea of how I had visualized it. →

      But again, let's wait until he's back, okay?

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    • Oh, just another tip (which you may actually know already, but meh...). If you're using DesMuMe, you can take screenshots at the press of a single button! All you have to do is go to:

      Config → Hotkey Config

      Now, from the dropdown menu, select Tools and in the Quick Screenshot field put the key with which you want to take your screenshots (usually F12). They'll be automatically saved to the directory specified in Config → Path Settings. However, their resolutions will be fixed at only 240px I believe (can't remember).

      When I take mine, I instead use PrntScrn, paste them in MSPaint and crop them with an online photo editor.

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    • I don't actually use an NDS emulator in my PC, but I use the DraStic for my Android phone.

      ... I get those screenshots from YouTube vids (720p) and also use either the PrintScrn-MSPaint method or the Snipping Tool to get them.

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