• Hi there, Kevz.

    Something has always bothered me about Portrait of Ruin, and seeing how you're currently so into that game, I though I'd ask you. Is the player restricted to have only five quests maximum at a given time? Isn't there a way to start a new quest which I know should already be available but don't appear because there is not at least one free "quest slot".

    Thanks in advance. Cheers.

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    • Yes, and unlike Order of Ecclesia, you can only have 5 at a given time, as it is the maximum number of quest slots in Portrait of Ruin. Once you have 5, you cannot accept new quests. You must then clear a quest to free the slot, allowing you to take another one.

      In my first playthrough, the "Poison vs. Poison" was stuck in its slot because I already sold the Long Sword, not knowing that it is a requirement for the quest. Therefore I find it impossible to complete until I started a New Game Plus.

      And there is also a Quest Item Duplication Trick from this guide, you might want to check it out.

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    • Thank you. I'm kind of sure I once watched a YouTube video with a guy scrolling through Wind's quests (I mean HIS quests, not the ones from the pause menu), but most likely my mind is playing tricks on me again.

      I'm gonna give the game another run. As you can see, the last two days I've been updating the game's locations pages, but something I really want to know now is when Wind makes available the "The Nest of Evil" quest. I'm quite positive it's immediately after healing the twisted sisters, but I want to be sure.

      Oh, by the way, are you gonna end the PoR Items inventory section soon? I'm refraining from editing it as I'd prefer you finish first, lest I totally screw up your work.

      Thanks for replying, man. Toodles!

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    • The PoR Items are so many, and difficult for me to handle (I have been, and will be busy in school) - it might not be finished soon if I would be the only one filling up the details. So yeah, you can continue adding info to it as I won't be spending much time online in Wikia for this week.

      I obtain the info from Castlevania Crypt, but the shop prices are from Chapel of Resonance

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    • Gotcha. I'll put my sticky hands on it then.


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