• Hi again, Nagumo. Sorry to bother you again.

    I just wanted to see if you could help me fix an infobox template in the Jem wiki.

    If you visit an episode article (like this one for example), you'll notice that the video contained in the infobox is pushed to the right. This is the template for the episode infobox and I, for the life of me and with the one-brain cell God gave me, can't figure out how to make the video display centered, or better yet, to fit the infobox's horizontal size.

    Could you pretty please (with sugar on top) help me in fixing it?

    Thank you very much in advance! :D

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    • After fruitlessly trying to to edit the template page, it turns out the solution is very simple: just edit every page and specify that video should be in the center.

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    • Hahaha! That was exactly what I was trying to avoid! XP

      Wow, looking at the template's history I can tell you really tried hard to fix it.

      Thank you very much for taking your time trying to help me. Keep up the good work!


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    • I think now I know what's the problem. Whoever made the episodes' articles in the Jem wiki, added the episodes from YouTube. However, that must have been a long time ago and since then all episodes have been removed from YT, leaving just an old thumbnail where the videos should be inside the infoboxes; that must be the reason why they don't get centered via the infobox's code.

      If you look at a song article (like this one), you'll notice the video displays correctly centered inside its respective infobox.

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